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Licensing Letter Editor To Deliver Keynote at Octane5 Event

Octane5, the company behind the BrandComply Licensing Enterprise Platform, has announced its 2021 International Open House March 4, 2021, featuring The Licensing Letter Editor in Chief Gary Symons as the keynote speaker.

Symons, who also presented Rise of the Virtual Influencer at the SPLiCE Conference last month (Society of Product Licensors Committed to Excellence), will present a keynote entitled The Cave Dweller Economy, showing how the COVID-19 pandemic created or accelerated radical new trends in the licensing and retail industries.

“As one prime example,” joked Symons, “we’ll all be attending the conference virtually from our various digital caves around the world.”

Participants can register at The event will consist of multiple events designed to inform and engage the licensing industry. 

“We’re proud to be able to connect our industry during these challenging times,” said Mike Dunn, Co-President and Chief Brand Officer. “It’s been a year without in-person gatherings and I think our creative industry thrives on the opportunity for direct collaboration and that’s what we hope to provide.”

Symons is a relatively new voice in the licensing industry. He was an investigative reporter based in Canada for 24 years, including nine years at the national broadcaster CBC News, and has won dozens of journalism awards in Canada and the United States. Following his initial journalism career, Symons launched a software company developing mobile journalism and newsroom systems, which were licensed to major news organizations around the world. Following the sale of his company, Symons launched a finance and corporate consulting firm, raising more than $70 million in funds and helping take a number of companies public.

Symons returned to journalism when he joined The Licensing Letter in October, 2020, and spends the rest of his time writing novels and non-fiction, including the recently released Burning Earth: Climate Wars.

“In his time at The Licensing Letter Gary has become an important voice in our industry and a keen observer of industry trends so we’re especially pleased that he’s able to join us for this event,” said Jim Kucia, EVP Business Development.

Octane5 is a team of licensing system and brand compliance experts delivering software and security products to leading global brands. Octane5 is the team behind the BrandComply licensing enterprise platform that delivers brand compliance through a fully integrated suite of software and security products that control virtually every aspect of the brand licensing ecosystem. Operating out of offices in Atlanta GA, Indianapolis IN, Los Angeles CA and London UK, the Octane5 team serves a global client base consisting of hundreds of brands and tens of thousands of users.

In addition to the keynote address, the Open House will feature opportunities for demonstrations of BrandComply, BrandComply College and updates on licensing brand protection. A complete list of sessions is shown below. : 

5 a.m. (ET)/10 a.m. (GT) – BrandComply Licensing Enterprise Software Demonstration

9 a.m. (ET)/2 p.m. (GT) – What’s New in Brand Protection – THREADS Security Products

10 a.m. (ET)/3 p.m. (GT) – BrandComply Licensing Enterprise Software Demonstration

11 a.m. (ET)/ 4 p.m. (GT) – Keynote: Gary Symons, The Licensing Letter, The Cave Dweller Economy

1 p.m. (ET)/ 6 p.m. (GT) – BrandComply College Licensing Enterprise Software Demonstration

2 p.m. (ET)/ 7 p.m. (GT) – What’s New in Brand Protection – THREADS Security Products

4 p.m. (ET)/ 9 p.m. (GT) – BrandComply Licensing Enterprise Software Demonstration

In addition to the formal sessions noted above, there will be the opportunity for impromptu sessions with the Octane5 team via a fully interactive platform. For more information about the Octane5 Open House, contact Jim Kucia in North America or Denise Penn in Europe.  

Participants can register at