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MeteoHeroes Are Getting Their Own Video Game

Mondo TV says their popular MeteoHeroes are getting their own video game. The project is a partnership with digital entertainment company Sony Interactive Entertainment España (SIE España) and game developer Gammera Nest.

MeteoHeroes is an eco-adventure show for kids co-produced by Mondo TV and the leading Italian weather forecasting centre, Meteo Operations Italia (MOPI). It’s popularity has now inspired a video gaming launch on multiple platforms planned for 2022.

“This partnership signals a great new direction for MeteoHeroes and one that fits perfectly with its aims and ideas,” said Maria Bonaria Fois, CEO of Mondo TV Iberoamérica. “Working with some of the best names in the business, we plan to develop a video game that reflects the show’s great storytelling and exciting animation as well as its values and message to create a truly engaging and original video game that I’m sure the show’s fast-growing fanbase will love.”

MeteoHeroes is the only cartoon in the world dedicated entirely to climate and environmental issues. Each episode focuses on issues related to ecology and respect for nature through the adventures of six superpowered kids who can control weather phenomena. Working alongside scientists and meteorologists at their futuristic HQ based in Gran Sasso Mountain National Park in Italy, the MeteoHeroes are trained to control their powers and fulfill their mission to save the Earth.

“At SIE Spain and PlayStationTalents we are committed to projects that have a background as important as MeteoHeroes,” said Roberto Yeste, communication director of SIE Spain and head of PlayStationTalents. “We are very excited to bring that world to PlayStation® fans and we are sure that kids will enjoy and learn about the importance of ecology in a fun and enriching way.”

MeteoHeroes: el videojuego, has the support of PlayStationTalents in its area of PlayStation Alliances, the company’s program that promotes the development of videogames in Spain. The videogame will launch on PlayStation in spring 2022. Launches on PC and Mac platforms will follow later the same year.

Worldwide publishing will be managed by by PlayStationTalents. PlayStationTalents will also carry out communication, promotion and launch activities for the video game. Mondo TV Producciones Canarias will be the owner of the intellectual property rights of the video game, and will also hold the industrial property rights over the video game brands.

Development partner Gammera Nest builds compelling narratives onto the interactivity of video games or digital applications. Mondo TV says the company’s ability to encourage values and knowledge is an ideal fit for a show with a strong environmental message.

“This is an exciting development for MeteoHeroes, an innovative kids’ animation that was among the biggest hit shows on Cartoonito in Italy after its launch last autumn and is continuing to expand its international reach,” said Mondo TV in a statement.

MeteoHeroes Increasing Global Reach

The show has also seen impressive growth in its global reach and entry into other verticals.

A major broadcasting agreement with Radio Television Española, recently announced, will bring the show to RTVE’s Clan kids’ channels in Spain and the Americas. The show premiered in Spain in the occasion of Earth Day, the 22nd of April, with impressive results. There was also a major initiative for Earth Day in Latin America which saw four specially chosen episodes of the show aired by a number of Latin American broadcasters, also to a very positive response. The first series of MeteoHeroes has now been sold or confirmed into over 140 countries. 

Two new MeteoHeroes TV movie specials are ready to hit the screens this autumn, along with the first episodes of series two, which is currently in production and set to premiere starting from this autumn 2021.



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