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Mic Company Shure Looks For Licensing Partners

Shure Inc. Enlists Licensing Matters Global (LMG) to Launch Worldwide Licensing Program

By Gary Symons

TLL Editor in Chief

Shure is about as big a name as you’ll find in the microphone and audio business, having provided mics for music, public speeches and journalists for close to a century. During my decade working as a broadcast journalist with CBC News in Canada, for example, I packed a seemingly bulletproof Shure microphone that literally went through fires, floods, riots, and all sorts of natural disasters with nary a glitch, so full disclosure, I’ve got a bit of a love affair with the brand.

The Shure brand and microphones have served as icons in pop culture over its 96-year history. Elvis, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., legendary performers, leaders, and communicators have all relied on Shure microphones and equipment to deliver their messages. Now, Shure Inc. has appointed Licensing Matters Global (LMG), a London-based boutique licensing agency, to launch a worldwide licensing program. The program will leverage the passion for Shure products in selected product categories such as Home, Fashion, Personal Accessories, Travel & Tech Equipment.

The century old icon of high fidelity audio, Shure Inc., is on a global hunt for licensing partners through its agency Licensing Matters Global.

Licensing Matters is a global, full-service, boutique licensing agency that works with brands to help unlock their latent equity, deepen their relationships with consumers and expand their footprint into brand new market sectors. LMG’s client roster includes Shure, Peugeot, Shell, KFC, The European Space Agency, BuzzFeed, Harvard and Yale.

With a suite of products in the microphone, headphone, earphone, business conferencing and software spaces, LMG’s COO Mark Edridge says there are prime opportunities for brand licensing in many areas.

“We are eager to help expand the legacy of this world-renowned brand, through strategic licensing. Our vision is to carry the Shure product excellence into to new categories, through premium products that inspire and empower consumers,” said Edridge.

LMG is now seeking partner licensees with precision manufacturing capabilities to create modern and ingenious designs for the Shure brand. For example, equipment cases, microphone stands, t-shirts, home décor and more are ideal licensing fits for Shure.

Anyone interested in leveraging the Shure brand can contact Edridge directly at



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