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Not So Nice: Baron Cohen Sues Pot Shop

The filing goes on to say, “By use of the billboard, the defendants falsely have conveyed to the public that Mr. Baron Cohen has endorsed their products and is affiliated with their business. To the contrary, Mr. Baron Cohen never has used cannabis in his life. He never would participate in an advertising campaign for cannabis, for any amount of money.”

The billboard, located on a busy interstate highway in Massachusetts, was taken down in April within days of Baron Cohen sending a cease-and-desist order to the company’s owners.

However, Baron Cohen is continuing with the suit, and demanding $9 million in damages.

“Mr. Baron Cohen is highly protective of his image and persona, and those of his characters,” the legal complaint states. “Mr. Baron Cohen is very careful with the manner in which he uses his persona and his characters to interact with his fans and the general public.”

Solar Therapeutics is saying little about the case at this point, other than to point out the billboard was taken down immediately when the company became aware there was an issue with the ad.

“Upon receipt of the cease-and-desist letter from Mr. Cohen’s legal counsel Solar immediately requested that the sign company remove the billboard in question,” said lawyer Nicholas Hemond in a written statement. “As there is an active case before the court, we have no further comment at this time.”