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Oooh Yeeaaah! Kool-Aid McKinstry Lands NIL Deal With Kool-Aid

It may be the best fit for an NIL deal since the NCAA changed its rules to allow college athletes to earn money from their Name, Image, and Likeness.

Alabama star cornerback Ga’Quincy McKinstry, better known as Kool-Aid McKinstry, is now working with the Heinz Kraft-owned property Kool-Aid.

McKinstry and Kool-Aid announced the partnership Tuesday on Twitter, with the brand and the player swapping Twitter handles for the day.

“Honored to partner with Kool-Aid the Brand … I will be sharing the OH YEAH title with the Kool-Aid Man!” McKinstry said in a post.

And like the Kool-Aid Man, McKinstry can be expected to smash down some walls. McKinstry came to Alabama’s Crimson Tide as the top-ranked cornerback in the 2021 signing class, and ranks as the nation’s number 23 overall player on the 247Composite. Kool-Aid is considered the top cornerback and the top player in Alabama.

A native of Pinson, Alabama, McKinstry is also popular as a player who’s actually from the state, and he is so wedded to his nickname that even his profile on the Alabama football roster has him listed as Kool-Aid McKinstry.

Kool-Aid McKinstry uses his nickname on his team roster profile.

The change to the NCAA’s rules on compensation for Name, Image and Likeness has completely changed the game for college athletes in the US, particularly in big money sports like football or basketball. In fact, one of McKinstry’s new team mates, quarterback Bryson Young, had signed close to a million dollars in NIL deals within three weeks of the rule change on July 1.
Now McKinstry is getting into the act with a major brand, with Kool-Aid announcing, “In honor of our new partnership, we’ve swapped names with Kool-Aid McKinstry and given him the power of OH YEAH.”
McKinstry says it was his grandmother who gave him the Kool-Aid nickname because he was always smiling as a kid. “At birth, my grandma gave me that name,” said McKinstry. “Said I came out smiling.”