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Outdoor Life Boots Up Licensing Deal With SLC Footwear

Outdoor Life is one of America’s most venerable magazines, offering hunting tips and gear guides for well over a century … and now the magazine will also produce its own line of outdoor footwear in partnership with SCL Footwear Group, says Richard Oren, Head of Licensing at Camden Media. 

“SCL Footwear Group is a premier manufacturer who appreciates the appeal and trust of the Outdoor Life brand,” said Oren. “Their shoes will be the perfect fit for the backcountry warriors of Outdoor Life, as much as for those who appreciate a weekend hike in the woods,” said Oren. “We’re excited to have found a partner who can help us continue to expand the brand and leverage the growing enthusiasm toward outdoor activities.” 

SLC is based in New York City, and is a leader in the licensed footwear segment, employing high quality design and manufacturing standards and a network that can effectively service retailers at all levels.

SLC says they will be creating footwear across multiple categories for Outdoor Life, including hiking and trail boots, everyday casual, and slippers, all of which will be available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes. The company produces a wide range of products for licensees as diverse as Goodyear Racing to Daisy Fuentes.

“Outdoor Life is a historic and authoritative voice in the outdoor industry. We feel that our track record of producing durable and comfortable footwear, combined with their expertise and passion for the outdoors, will help us create a unique and popular line of shoes,” said Joe Safdeye, Executive Vice President, SCL Footwear Group.

In fact, Outdoor Life has been in business since 1898 as part of Camden Media, which also publishes Field & Stream, Popular Science, and the licensing group responsible for Outdoor Life’s various product initiatives.

Outdoor Life shoes are expected to launch in the U.S. and Canada with distribution to mass, specialty, off-price, and e-commerce channels in the fall of 2021.

This is the latest development in Outdoor Life’s licensing program, which includes partners currently selling T-shirts and hats, loungewear for men, and Jerky Dog Treats. Sportswear, outerwear, bags, camping, and outdoor products are expected to arrive at retailers beginning this spring.

Manufacturers and partners seeking opportunities with Outdoor Life can contact Richard Oren at for more information.


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