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Paris Olympics Releases Calls for Interest in Licensing Program

Let the Licensing Games Begin!
The Paris 2024 Olympics has begun releasing calls for interest in its official licensing programs for both the Olympics and the Paralympic Games. The Paris 2024 committee expects to sign agreements with roughly 60 companies to develop an expected 10,000 branded products for the Games.

The committee’s Chief Commercial Officer, Marlene Masure, says organizers are seeking companies with deep expertise in branding, production and distribution to support the creation of a wide range of products for the Games.

“With four billion viewers, 13.5 million tickets sold and 50,000 volunteers, millions of us will share the experiences and emotions of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024, whether in the stadiums or at home with family and friends,” Masure said in a statement to the press. “But we must start working now to create lasting memories of the Games, particularly through the objects that we will want to give and share with others – and we need to harness all kinds of expertise to do so.”

The original call for proposals document was issued in August last year, and has a heavy emphasis on sustainability, in line with the objectives set out in the Paris Agreement Climate Change. In the document “Call for expression of interest in licences from the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising Committee,” the committee states, “Paris 2024 is devising new ways of working and bringing about a new era in the organisation of the Games, based on stewardship, innovation and creativity.

“In organising the first ever carbon-neutral Games, Paris 2024 is striving first and foremost to set an example and follow the objectives set out in the Paris Agreement. And, as the Games give us an opportunity to think bigger and see further, we want to contribute to stepping up the pace of the environmental transition in sport, French regions and major events.”

That means that all companies expecting to win a license will have to show first and foremost that they can not only provide an environmentally responsible solution, but must also meet sustainability criteria in terms of racial, gender and cultural inclusion, as well as working conditions.

“We therefore expect licensees to continuously improve their organisation and continuously make progress in their efforts to fulfil their social responsibility (working conditions, health and safety at work, inclusion, etc.) and their environmental responsibility (low-carbon solutions, protection of biodiversity, circular economy, etc.),” the tender document states. “The design, manufacture and marketing of the products carrying the Games’ trademarks, the French Olympic team’s trademark and the French Paralympic team’s trademark, and the associated packaging, must all match best practices in sustainable development.”

Companies will also be asked to actively support the ‘circular economy’—referring to the ability to recycle various products.

The committee says the licensing program will run for four years, from 2021 to 2024, and the rights granted will specifically include all of the properties of the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics brands in France.

Organisers are encouraging companies to commit to supporting disabled workers, helping the long-term unemployed to return to work, and reducing their carbon impact as part of sustainability efforts, and to help develop the ‘circular economy’ by developing products that can be efficiently recycled or reused.

The full document on tender policies for gifts and novelties can be accessed here.

Since that original document was released, the organizing committee has released tenders for companies developing stationery, luggage and bags, pins, and plush toys.

The latter is a major part of the licensing effort, as the company selected for the plush tender will be producing all of the mascot toys for the Games, which are generally items in high demand for attendees or people watching the Games on television.

Among the tenders currently listed are ones for companies working in developing pins, travel luggage and stationary.

A plush tender is also open, which will likely see the selected company work on producing mascot toys for the Games.

Accessories, clothing, games, electronics and eyewear contracts are set to be pursued by organisers in the coming months.

Interested companies can access the tender documents at this link.


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