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Peppa Pig Theme Park To Open at LEGOLAND Florida

Thanks to the soaring popularity of Peppa Pig, families will squeal with delight in 2022 as they jump into the playful world of Peppa Pig for an unforgettable day of adventure at the World’s First Peppa Pig Theme Park, built out as part of the LEGOLAND Florida Resort.

Designed to be the ultimate day trip for little ones, the all-new standalone theme park will feature multiple rides, interactive attractions, themed playscapes and water play areas — complete with “muddy puddles” of course — and live shows daily, all based on instantly recognizable locations from the globally popular brand. Families will meet Peppa and her friends as they snort, giggle and play to build their family’s first theme park memories together.

The project to build a Peppa Pig theme park within the LEGOLAND complex near Orlando, Florida is headed by Merlin Entertainments, a global location-based entertainment company that also owns and operates attractions such as Sea-Life Aquariums and the Madame Tussauds wax museums. Merlin holds an exclusive, multi-territory licensing agreement with Hasbro, which owns the Peppa Pig brand, to build and operate the Peppa Pig attractions at LEGOLAND.

Merlin Entertainments says the various rides and attractions details for the new Park will be announced this summer, and says that when Peppa Pig Theme Park opens in 2022, it will be a separately ticketed park. “Unlimited Florida sunshine and wonderful weather will allow this new theme park to operate year-round,” the company said in a statement. “Annual Passes to Peppa Pig Theme Park will be available as standalone memberships or inclusive passes that will also grant admission to LEGOLAND Theme Park, LEGOLAND Water Park and other regional Merlin Entertainments attractions.”

The company has already put up a website and email alert system for fans of the Peppa Pig franchise. Fans and parents of future “little piggies” can be among the first to hear the big news by signing up for the Peppa Pig Theme Park emails on

The LEGOLAND Florida Resort is a popular vacation destination for families with kids, that is looking forward to a huge resurgence in visits later this year as the COVID-19 pandemic is brought under control in the United States. Located 45 minutes from Orlando and Tampa, the Resort features an interactive, 150-acre Theme Park with more than 50 rides, live shows and themed attractions inspired by popular LEGO brands and characters, a seasonably heated Water Park, that is open year round, with more than a dozen family water slides, and three uniquely themed on-site hotels.


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