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Planned Video Game Releases With Licensing Potential

Throughout the year, we feature upcoming video game properties with potential for licensing.

All of the release dates on the list have been checked against multiple sources, but there is still a high probability that dates will change. The further in the future a game launch is, the more likely its release date is to move.

Planned Video Game Releases With Licensing Potential, 2018–2019
GamePlanned ReleasePublisherSequelRebootNew IPLicensedGraphical Update
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's MemoryThird-person role playing game uses many of the same assets as the original 2015 game, but from the perspective of a new character.1/19/2018Bandai Namco EntertainmentX
Ni no Kuni II: Revenant KingdomRole playing game developed by Level 5 and set hundreds of years after the 2013 game; features the cat and mouse tribes.1/19/2018Bandai Namco EntertainmentX
The InpatientPsychological horror game where the player controls an amnesiac patient; set 60 years before the events of 2015's Until Dawn.1/23/2018SonyX
The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of BritanniaFantasy boy's manga series adapted into an anime series; 2nd season and feature film will premiere in 2018.1/25/2018Bandai Namco EntertainmentX
Dragon Ball FighterZCompetitive 2.5D fighting game based on the Dragon Ball franchise.1/26/2018Bandai Namco EntertainmentXX
Monster Hunter: WorldFifth installment in open world action series will boast a more interconnected world map and story narrative.1/26/2018CapcomX
Shadow of the ColossusClassic 2005 action-adventure game was previously remastered in 2011.2/6/2018SonyX
Civilization VI: Rise and FallTurn-based strategy game expansion explores the rise and fall of civilizations.2/8/20182K GamesX
Kingdom Come: DeliveranceCzech medieval open world RPG game follows a knight on his quest for revenge.2/13/2018Warhorse Studios
Secret of ManaClassic 1993 Super Nintendo game is being re-released with 3D graphics.2/15/2018Square EnixX
Metal Gear SurviveFirst Metal Gear game to be developed since Hideo Kojima's departure from Konami in late 2015; online-only.2/20/2018KonamiX
Far Cry 5First-person shooter features a new, customizable character creator for a sheriff's deputy sent to arrest a cult leader.2/27/2018UbisoftX
The Crew 2Racing game where players can switch between controlling air, land and sea vehicles.3/16/2018UbisoftX
AgonyFirst-person survival horror pits the player in hell as a tormented Martyr with the abolity to control minds.3/30/2018PlayWayX
We Happy FewIndie dystopian survival and exploration adventure takes place in the mid-1960s in a fictional English city.4/13/2018Gearbox PublishingX
Final Fantasy XV2016 game shipped 6 million copies worldwide by the end of 2017; being ported to PC.TBA 2018Square EnixX
God of WarIn the eighth installment, Kratos is now a father and living in seclusion in the land of Norse mythology.TBA 2018SonyX
FeAction adventure game where players control a fox-like creature that protects its forest environ.TBA 2018Electronic ArtsX
Sea of ThievesDeveloper Rare is creating this pirate-themed co-op action adventure.TBA 2018MicrosoftX
Detroit: Become HumanNeo-noir thriller stars andoids on their quest to become something more.TBA 2018SonyX
Bloodstained: Ritual of the NightSpiritual successor to the Castlevania series from producer Koji Igarashi.TBA 2018505 GamesX
DauntlessFree-to-play monster hunter PC game from former Riot Games, BioWare, Blizzard, and Capcom developers.TBA 2018Phoenix LabsX
Spider-ManFirst in a series of games from Insomniac and Sony will tell a new story about an older Peter Parker.TBA 2018SonyX
Skull & BonesTactical piracy and naval warfare game set in an open world.TBA 2018UbisoftX
Project Octopath TravelerRP game combines 16-bit style character sprites and textures with polygonal environments and high definition effects.TBA 2018NintendoX
Starlink: Battle for AtlasSci-fi action adventure where a player navigates their spaceship through space; features toys-to-life elements.TBA 2018UbisoftX
System ShockRemake of the 1994 game; one of the oldest in the sci-fi/horror genre.TBA 2018Night Dive StudiosX
State of Decay 2Zombie survival game developed by Undead Labs as the sequel to the 2013 game—emphasis on survival.TBA 2018MicrosoftX
Red Dead Redemption 2Western-themed action game follows the story of outlaw Arthur Morgan, a member of the Dutch van der Linde gang.TBA 2018Rockstar GamesX
AnthemOnline multiplayer game developed by BioWare; IP to be "maybe a 10-year journey." Drew Karpyshyn amongst writers.TBA 2018Electronic ArtsX
Shenmue IIICrowdfunded (over $6.3M pledged) sequel is directed, written and produced by series creator Yu Suzuki.TBA 2018Ys NetXX
Overkill's The Walking DeadDetails are unknown, but the developer promises an "original" co-op story.TBA 2018Starbreeze Studios, 505 GamesX
Phoenix PointTurn-based tactical combat game where players fight against alien threat; spiritual successor of the X-COM franchise.TBA 2018Snapshot GamesX
Call of CthulhuInvestigation-horror game with stealth and RPG elements based on Lovecraft's famous universe.TBA 2018CyanideX
Fear Effect ReinventedRemake of the 2000 cult classic action game.TBA 2018Square EnixX
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle2D fighting game features characters from the BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena, Under Night In-Birth, and RWBY franchises.TBA 2018Arc System WorksX
The Bard's Tale IVFantasy party-based dungeon crawler role-playing series relaunches with a first-player perspective.TBA 2018inXile EntertainmentX
BattleTechTurn-based strategy game based on the wargaming and military science fiction franchise.TBA 2018Paradox InteractiveXX
Left AliveSurvival mecha action shooter gives a new take on the Front Mission franchise.TBA 2018Square EnixX
Laser LeagueFuturistic multiplayer sports game from the creators of Olli Olli has players compete in an arena filled with deadly lasers.TBA 2018505 GamesX
Resident Evil 2 remakeExpected to release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC—possibly in time for the game's 20th anniversary.TBA 2018CapcomX
Bloodstained: Ritual of the NightSpiritual successor to the Castlevania series from producer Koji Igarashi earned over $5.5M in Kickstarter pledges.TBA 2018505 GamesX
Super Meat Boy ForeverSpin-off of independent platform game features a two button control scheme and randomly generated levels.TBA 2018Team MeatX
Kingdom Hearts IIITwelfth installment in the RP franchise features protagonist Sora with Donald Duck, Goofy, King Mickey, and Riku as they visit worlds based on Disney properties and Final Fantasy.TBA 2018Square EnixXX
Valkyria Chronicles 4Sequel takes place in the original universe, but focuses on a different set of characters and introduces a new race.TBA 2018SegaX
Kirby Star AlliesPlatform game for the Nintendo Switch; developed by HAL Laboratory.TBA 2018NintendoX
Conan ExilesOpen world survival game set in the prehistoric Conan the Barbarian world.TBA 2018Koch MediaX
Warhammer: Vermintide 2First-person game set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe; players co-op battle against the Chaos army and the Skaven.TBA 2018FatsharkXX
Jurassic World EvolutionBusiness simulation game based on the 2015 film; to be released alongside 2018 film sequel.TBA 2018Frontier DevelopmentsXX
Days GoneAction-focused survival zombie horror set in a post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest.TBA 2018SonyX
Untitled Fire Emblem gameFirst title in the franchise to be released on console (Nintendo Switch) since 2007.TBA 2018Nintendo
Untitled Yoshi gameSide-scrolling platformer moves 3D characters along a 2D plane.TBA 2018NintendoX
Metro ExodusThird installment in the Metro series; first-person shooter set in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the former Russian Federation.TBA 2018Deep SilverX
The Wolf Among Us Season 2Continuation from the 2014 series features a narrative related to Bigby and Snow White.TBA 2018Telltale GamesX
Travis Strikes Again: No More HeroesA fresh start for the protagonist of No More Heroes transports him into a video game console to battle against retro game bosses.TBA 2018NintendoX
World of Warcraft: Battle for AzerothSeventh expansion set in the MMO raises the level cap, introduces 2 continents, 20-player PvE mode, and 6 races.TBA 2018Blizzard EntertainmentX
Ace Combat 7Action combat flight simulator will be the first in the series to have VR support.TBA 2018Bandai Namco EntertainmentX
Cyberpunk 2077Futuristic RPG set in an open metropolis from the developers of the Witcher series.TBA 2019CD ProjektX
Wasteland 3Squad-based RPG continues to crowdfund for the sequel.TBA 2019inXile EntertainmentX
The Last of Us 2Action-adventure survival horror game takes place five years after the first 2013 game.TBA 2019SonyX
Untitled Visceral Star Wars gameNew Star Wars story; the Visceral studio closed and development was taken over by EA Vancouver. Post-2019 release date.TBAElectronic ArtsX
Dragon Quest Builders 2Sequel to the 2016 building action role-playing game.TBASquare EnixX
DreamsSandbox game from the developer of LittleBigPlanet lets players "play, create, share" to explore one another's dreams.TBASonyX
Metro 2035Another installment in the Metro franchise to follow from the book of the same name.TBADeep SilverX
Harry Potter: Wizards UniteMobile AR game from Niantic, the makers of Pokémon Go.TBAPortkey Games (Warner Bros.)X
System Shock 3Sequel picks up immediately after the events of 1999 game; first-person survival horror set in a cyberpunk universe.TBAElectronic ArtsXX
Star CitizenAmbitous space simulator for PC with MMO and a single-player campaign said to be the spiritual successor to Wing Commander.TBACloud Imperium GamesX
Untitled Respawn Star Wars gameTitanfall developer Respawn Entertainment is working on a third party action adventure set in "a different Star Wars era."TBAElectronic ArtsX
Untitled Avengers gameDeveloped by the teams of Tomb Raider and Deus Ex; features an original story.TBASquare EnixX
Untitled Guardians of the Galaxy gameDeveloped by the team behind Deus Ex.TBASquare EnixX
Untitled Avalanche Studios gameDevelopers behind the Just Cause series and Mad Max aim to begin self-publishing new IP.TBAAvalanche StudiosX
Untitled Pokémon gameFirst time that a "core" game from the franchise will debut on console, the Nintendo Switch.TBANintendoX
Untitled Avatar gameWill take place on the planet Pandora and develop the franchise alongside the four upcoming films.TBAUbisoftX
Untitled Capcom gameTo come from Hideaki Itsuno, director of Devil May Cry series and Dragon's Dogma.TBACapcomX
Final Fantasy VII remakeRemake of the 1997 game retells the story of eco-terrorists fighting against a corrupt megacorporation. To be released in a multi-part series.TBASquare EnixX
Death StrandingHideo Kojima’s first game as an independent studio features Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, and Guillermo del Toro as characters.TBASonyX
Beyond Good and Evil 2Prequel to 2003 game takes place a few generations prior to the cult original.TBAUbisoftX
Dragon AgeFourth installment in high-fantasy RP series by BioWare confirmed to be in development.TBAElectronic ArtsX
Untitled PlatinumGames gameNew IP; possibly Microsoft's Scalebound project cancelled in early 2017.TBAPlatinumGamesXX
Ori and the Will of the WispsMetroidvania game is the sequel to the 2015 title; protagonists return to explore beyond the forest of Nibel.TBAMicrosoftX


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