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Poetic Brands Launches Baby Line With Brambly Hedge

Poetic Brands is creating a line of baby clothing and accessories based on the Brambly Hedge children’s books by Jill Barklem.

Poetic signed the deal this week with Rockpool Licensing, which manages the Brambly Hedge intellectual property worldwide. Under the agreement, Poetic plans to produce a new collection including layette and fashion daywear, nightwear, snow suits sleeping bags, accessories and changing bags inspired by the adventures of the iconic community of mice in the idyllic English countryside.

Brambly Hedge joins a number of prestigious new children’s partners for Poetic Brands, as the licensee establishes its new Baby, Children’s Wear and Accessories division.

Brambly Hedge began life in 1980 as a series of intricately illustrated books following a family of mice in the English countryside. Written by Jill Barklem, the brand is now celebrating its 40th anniversary of the first book being published. Rockpool Licensing has also recently announced a deal with Lupus Films, which will see the production company adapt the classic stories for screen, initially as a Christmas special, with further episodes to follow, bringing new exposure to the brand and introducing it to a fresh generation of fans.

Annie Bradford, director at Poetic, says that after months of our only outings being out in nature due to the COVID19 restrictions, consumers are identifying with Brambly Hedge even more than usual. “The exquisite detail of the illustrations, along with the strong representation of the seasons throughout the stories, lend themselves particularly well to licensed products,” Bradford added.

The brand already has an army of fans, with 22K Instagram followers and 57K Facebook fans, and is already a firm favourite with all adults; parents, grandparents and gift-givers alike.

“With the success of many other evergreen collections before it we are looking forward to creating some exquisite ranges,” Bradford said. “The nature of the illustrations allows us to literally work through the seasons giving a unique product offering.”

Vickie O’Malley, Managing Director at Rockpool, says her company is excited about the new line of baby products.

“The exquisite artwork that so beautifully portrays the changing seasons, nature, family and celebration is so perfect for babywear,” she said. “At a time when consumers are craving these things in their lives, I wonder if the world has ever needed Brambly Hedge more?”


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