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Preschool Properties With Some Licensing Activity

The preschool market is one of the most stable we track, compared to other property types and product categories. In 2016, licensed retail sales of preschool brand-based, preschool-oriented merchandise grew 6.7% to reach almost $12.8 billion.

You’ve seen the top 20 list—now TLL is releasing a selection previously available only to paid subscribers. See below for an accounting of selected preschool properties with licensed retail sales of under $100 million worlwide.

Subscribers to the Licensing Databank can access more data here. Contact Jen to get the raw data for all 201 of the preschool properties we tracked in calculating the 2016 data (including retail sales from 2013–2016) in .xslx format.

Selected Preschool Properties With Some Licensing Activity, 2016
Property Origin Country Source Age(s) Licensor Retail Sales, Worldwide
Angelina Ballerina U.K. Publishing 2–7 Mattel $5–10
Bananas in Pyjamas Australia/New Zealand Entertainment/Character 2–5 Endemol Worldwide Brands $5–10
Barbapapa France Entertainment/Character 2–5 TF1 $5–10
Benjamin Blümchen (Benjamin the Elephant) Germany Entertainment/Character 3–6 KIDDINX Media $5–10
Clifford the Big Red Dog U.S. Publishing 3–7 Scholastic $5–10
Doozers U.S. Entertainment/Character 4–7 Jim Henson Co., DHX Media $5–10
Elmer the Patchwork Elephant U.K. Publishing 2–7 David McKee $5–10
Franklin and Friends Canada Publishing 2–7 Nelvana/Corus $5–10
Goodnight Moon U.S. Publishing 0–3 HarperCollins $5–10
Gruffalo U.K. Publishing 2–5 Magic Light Pictures $5–10
Hey Duggee U.K. Entertainment/Character 2–5 BBC Worldwide $5–10
LazyTown Iceland Entertainment/Character 4–7 LazyTown Entertainment $5–10
Max and Ruby U.S. Entertainment/Character 2–5 Nelvana/Corus $5–10
Raa Raa the Noisy Lion U.K. Entertainment/Character 2–4 Dreamworks Classics $5–10
VeggieTales U.S. Entertainment/Character 3–6 DreamWorks $5–10
Vicki the Viking Benelux Entertainment/Character 5–8 Studio 100 $5–10
Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom U.K. Entertainment/Character 3–7 eOne $10–20
Caillou Canada Entertainment/Character 2–6 DHX Media $10–20
Die Maus Germany Entertainment/Character 3–9 WDR Media Group $10–20
Fancy Nancy U.S. Publishing 4–8 HarperCollins $10–20
Handy Manny U.S. Entertainment/Character 2–7 Disney $10–20
Henry Hugglemonster U.S. Entertainment/Character 2–7 Disney $10–20
In the Night Garden U.K. Entertainment/Character 1–3 DHX Media $10–20
Jake and the Never Land Pirates U.S. Entertainment/Character 2–7 Disney $10–20
Little Krishna India Entertainment/Character 7–9 Reliance Animation $10–20
Octonauts U.K. Entertainment/Character 4–7 Silvergate Media $10–20
Pingu Switzerland Entertainment/Character 3–6 Mattel $10–20
Roary the Racing Car U.K. Entertainment/Character 2–6 Dreamworks Classics $10–20
Shaun the Sheep U.K. Entertainment/Character 4–7 Aardman $10–20
Super Wings China/South Korea Entertainment/Character 2–5 Guangdong Alpha Animation/CJ E&M $10–20
Thomas & Friends U.K. Entertainment/Character 3–8 Mattel $10–20
Waybuloo U.K. Entertainment/Character 0–2 Zodiak Kids $10–20
Winx Club Italy Entertainment/Character 4–12 Rainbow S.r.l. $10–20
Chuggington U.K. Entertainment/Character 3–5 Ludorum plc $20–50
Disney Planes U.S. Entertainment/Character 3–6 Disney $20–50
Gaspard & Lisa France Publishing 3–8 Sony Creative Products $20–50
Half Shell Heroes U.S. Entertainment/Character 2–5 Nickelodeon $20–50
Littlest Pet Shop U.S. Toys/Games 4–7 Hasbro $20–50
Marvel Super Hero Squad U.S. Entertainment/Character 4–8 Disney $20–50
Maya the Bee Germany Publishing 5–7 Studio 100 $20–50
Moomin Nordics Entertainment/Character All ages Moomin Characters Oy $20–50
Mr Men & Little Miss U.S. Entertainment/Character All ages Sanrio $20–50
Pocoyo Iberia Entertainment/Character 2–6 Zinkia $20–50
Shimajirō/Qiao Hu Japan/China Entertainment/Character 2–5 Benesse Corp. $20–50
Smeshariki/Kikoriki Russia Entertainment/Character 2–10 Riki-Group $20–50
Blaze and the Monster Machines U.S. Entertainment/Character 2–6 Nickelodeon $50–100
Care Bears U.S. Entertainment/Character 2–6 American Greetings $50–100
DC Super Friends U.S. Entertainment/Character 3–8 DC Comics $50–100
Dinosaur Train U.S. Entertainment/Character 3–5 Jim Henson Co. $50–100
Larva Asia Entertainment/Character 2–5 Tuba Entertainment $50–100
Little Charmers U.S./Canada Entertainment/Character 2–5 Nelvana/Spin Master $50–100
Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf China Entertainment/Character 4–14 Guangdong Alpha Animation $50–100
Pororo the Little Penguin South Korea Entertainment/Character 2–6 Iconix Entertainment $50–100
Tree Fu Tom U.K. Entertainment/Character 4–6 Fremantle Media $50–100
Yo Gabba Gabba! U.S. Entertainment/Character 1–6 DHX Media $50–100


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