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Pride Month: TomboyX Partners With Target on Inclusive Fashion

By Allison Watkinson

TLL Reporter

TomboyX, the LGBTQ+ size and gender inclusive intimate and apparel brand has launched an exclusive collaboration with Target on designs to celebrate Pride Month.

“We’re excited for this collaboration which brings some of our best-selling favorites directly to customers at Target stores and online,” said Fran Dunaway, Co-Founder of TomboyX.

“It’s a great opportunity for customers to engage with our brand in real life and we are proud to be a part of this year’s Pride Month collection.”

This limited-edition collection brings the comfort, quality, and accessibility of TomboyX intimates and apparel to one of the biggest retailers in the US. The collection will be featured alongside 250 other products that represent and celebrate the culture and intersectionality of the LGBTQIA+ community.

With underwear and activewear intended for adults of all body types and all genders, the collection includes several best-selling TomboyX fits including the Racerback Soft Bra, Boy Shorts, 9” Briefs, and select products from the TomboyX Gender Euphoria collection.

Made with soft, stretchy fabric, and signature TomboyX + Target elastics, the collection will feature both custom campaign prints and colors.

TomboyX has been designing underwear, bras, and tops for close to a decade. Fran Dunaway founded the company alongside her wife, Naomi Gonzalez. Since the company was founded, TomboyX has become a popular gender-neutral brand with sizes ranging from 3x to 6x.

TomboyX uses eco-friendly, nontoxic fabrics and ethical women-owned factories. The company recently announced their official certification as a B Corp company, which confirms the brand is meeting the organization’s business, legal, and environmental standards. The Pride Month collaboration with Target will extend the reach of TomboyX products to more communities and demographics.

The TomboyX Pride collection is currently available across all US Target locations as well as a select assortment on the Target website. The full Gender Euphoria collection is also available on the official TomboyX website.


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