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Property Guys: Disney, Nintendo & Other Empires

By Karina Masolova,

The Walt Disney Co. signs a 99-year lease for $650 million at 4 Hudson Sq., New York. The media conglomerate is expected to build a new headquarters at the downtown Manhattan location taking up over 1.2 million sq. ft. The high-tech, energy-efficient project will consolidate production and studio spaces from the Upper West Side’s WABC-TV headquarters and its Disney Streaming Services, which are now in the Google-owned Chelsea Market. Disney will sell Silverstein Properties several of its Lincoln Square buildings, including much of the current ABC headquarters complex, for $1 billion. Disney will retain ESPN’s offices at 56 W. 66th St. and lease back the rest of the facilities for 5 years while its new headquarters is being completed.

Seperately, Disney and ESPN ink a deal with Blizzard Entertainment to televise esports league Overwatch.

The newest addition to the Nintendo dynasty, Super Nintendo World, is an immersive theme park under construction at Universal Studios Japan with plans to open ahead of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. The Nintendo-themed attracted is expected to come to the U.S. and “synergize” with IP like Super Mario and Nintendo Labo.

Rumor has it that Amazon is planning to publish its first holiday toy catalog this year. The Seatle-based ecommerce giants has plans to distribute the guide by sending them to American households as well as hand outs at Whole Foods Market locations.

Singapore’s One Animation closes its latest round of funding with Hong Kong’s STI Financial Group as its lead Series B investor. The funding will be used to market consumer products based on One’s existing IPs, expand merchandise into new territories, develop new IPs, and hire new international talent.

Spin Master expands futher into Europe; it will be selling directly to leading retailers in Russia, Switzerland, Austria, and Greece in 2019. To that end, the toyco has formed a Russian subsidiary, Spin Master Rus LLC, and will begin direct distribution in early 2019. Spin Master will service the Swiss and Austrian as well as Greek markets directly through existing offices in Germany and Italy, respectively.

Finally, we have news about the rumored space force! Snoopy is going into deep space with a Space Act Agreement between Peanuts Worldwide and NASA. With NASA’s involvement, Peanuts will work on content for Astronaut Snoopy, including a STEM-based curriculum for students about America’s deep space exploration objectives and interactive ways to celebrate next year’s 50th anniversary of humans first setting foot on the Moon.


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