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Ricky Zoom In Season 2 As Licensing Accelerates

Hasbro’s Entertainment One (eOne) studio, is gearing up for the much-anticipated debut of Ricky Zoom’s season two through ViacomCBS Networks UK, Nick Jr. and Channel 5’s multiplatform pre-school brand, Milkshake!.

The CGI animated series follows Ricky, a speed-loving, adventure-seeking, little red rescue bike who loves to zoom around the fictional British town of Wheelford, where the inhabitants get around on two wheels, rather than two feet.

“We are thrilled to bring Ricky Zoom back to the number one channel for pre-schoolers in the UK with Milkshake! and Nick Jr.,” said eOne’s Monica Candiani, EVP of Content Sales, Family & Brands. “The show has had such strong success in the UK among young viewers, allowing us to secure a number of licensing partners across a variety of categories. We can’t wait for audiences to watch season two, which I am sure will deliver even more exciting all-bike adventures in the colorful world of Wheelford.”

“We’re delighted to be welcoming back Ricky Zoom and his two-wheeled friends on Nick Jr. in June and and Milkshake! later in the year in the UK. It’s a fun and playful show which is a favourite amongst pre-schoolers, and we look forward to sharing their new adventures with our young viewers,” said Louise Bucknole, VP Programming Kids, ViacomCBS Network UK & Ireland.

Ricky Zoom’s roaring broadcast success has already helped to attract an impressive list of leading licensees across a range of categories. Joining master toy partner TOMY are Penguin (story, activity, novelty books); Redan (magazines); Character World (bedding); MV Sports (wheeled toys); Ravensburger (puzzles and games); Cooneen (nightwear & socks); Blues (daywear); and Drew Pearson (accessories).

First launched in July 2020 during what has been a challenging period for retail, Ricky Zoom toys have nevertheless established a solid start in the marketplace, and are set to launch more exciting new lines from throughout 2021.

These include TOMY’s unique Wind & Launch assortment, in which a wheel launcher explodes to send Ricky’s red bike racing away faster and further than ever. With last year’s Speed & Stunt toy being the bestselling Ricky Zoom playset (and third bestselling Ricky Zoom item overall at retail), the racy new kid-powered launchers look set to be equally popular. The supermarket giants have added Ricky Zoom into their preschool aisle following strong performance of their FSDU programme last Autumn/Winter. Other forthcoming toy highlights include the new interactive Maxwell’s Transforming Trailer Playset, which can be renovated into a mobile repair station and comes complete with both Maxwell and Ricky bikes. Further product ranges from other licensees will roll out gradually throughout the year, bringing broader distribution.

Marketing activity has also been buoyant, with Ricky proving popular among parent influencers. A fun Dadsnet campaign to support Smyth’s Toys launch of the Speed & Stunt Playset reached almost 408k via influencers and 558k via paid media, while a Ricky takeover on UKMums.TV hit almost 622k impressions, with a blogger reach of almost 296k and the site’s associated Twitter Frenzy reaching almost 392k unique accounts.



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