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Rolling Stone Launches UK Mag Through Licensing

The legendary music and pop culture magazine Rolling Stone will now distribute a UK version, thanks to an exclusive licensing agreement.

Penske Media Corporation owns the rights to Rolling Stone, and has entered into a deal with Stream Publishing, a UK company that publishes the popular LGBTQ magazine Attitude.

“The arrival of Rolling Stone in the UK is not only a hugely exciting development for our brilliant team, but also fantastic news for the UK music and entertainment industries which deserve the showcase and platform that this iconic brand will deliver,” said Darren Styles OBE, managing director of Stream. 

Styles says the UK edition will be published online and in print this Fall, and Stream also plans to launch a number of live events under the Rolling Stone brand by spring next year.

This is not the first time an attempt was made to publish Rolling Stone in the UK. The first attempt, appropriately enough, was sponsored by singer Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones rock band, but that effort failed after its first few months of publication.

This launch, however, is being undertaken by an already successful publisher, which Styles says is absolutely dedicated to making Rolling Stone a success in the UK.

“A Rolling Stone cover is the picture worth 10,000 words and UK artists will now have opportunities of their own to achieve just that, as well as access to the RS network that stretches well beyond its native USA to Australia, China, and more than a dozen other countries,” he said. 

“We are excited to have the opportunity to search out UK talent to commentate on one of the most fascinating political ages this country has seen and have the opportunity to bring to light the kind of long-reads and investigative work made famous by the like of Hunter S Thompson, P J O’Rourke and Tom Wolfe,” Styles added. “Rolling Stone UK, here as there, will share the stories that need to be told, shine light into dark corners and yet celebrate too, that which entertains us. There is no title better suited to these times.”

Rolling Stone president and chief operating officer, Gus Wenner, said his team is excited to see the brand’s expansion into the United Kingdom, which seems like a natural fit.

“The opportunity to bring our content to a country we have a longstanding history with, and admiration for, feels right,” Wenner said. “The UK is the birthplace of some of the most iconic musicians, many of whom have played a significant role in shaping our legacy. Today is the beginning of another exciting chapter in our evolution.”

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