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Sesame Workshop Elevates Samantha Maltin to Executive Vice President

Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit media and educational organization behind Sesame Street, has promoted Samantha Maltin to Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, expanding her responsibilities to include Strategic Communications, Events, and Archives, while she retains her CMO portfolio.

Reporting to Workshop President Sherrie Westin, Maltin will continue to elevate the organization’s brand, mission, and IP to drive growth through impact and revenue.

Under Maltin’s leadership, Sesame Workshop says it has significantly built out data strategy and infrastructure capabilities, advanced audience development and operations functions including an expanded social footprint, and grown its brand creative. She developed a new global Sesame Street aesthetic in the wake of the iconic show’s 50th anniversary, to unify and elevate the brand across platforms around the world.

“Since joining Sesame Workshop, Samantha has elevated our brand and growing portfolio globally, ensuring the cultural relevance and resonance of our beloved Sesame Street, while helping young learners relate to all of our shows and characters,” said Westin. “Her data-driven approach to our mission illuminates our community and humanitarian work, helping us serve more of the children and families who need us most.”

Maltin has been with Sesame Workshop for two years, and while she agrees her data-driven approach is critical to the job, she also says it’s the story telling that gets her excited.

Samantha Maltin has been promoted to Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer with Sesame Workshop.

“My passion is in creating compelling stories and narratives that invite, engage, and move audiences,” said Maltin. “I am honored to be able to do just that as a steward of this incredible global brand that continues to have such a deep impact on children and families around the world.”

Maltin joined Sesame Workshop in 2019 as CMO and was responsible for elevating Sesame Workshop’s content and key initiatives, and deepening brand engagement with consumers, partners, donors, and fans. Her 20 years of domestic and international experience in the media and entertainment industry have focused on brand strategy and consumer engagement, brand creative, consumer products, and business and partnership development.

Prior to Sesame Workshop, Maltin was a partner at Known (formerly Schireson Associates), where she led brand marketing and new business development for media and consumer product clients. Before that, she spent four years with A+E Networks as an SVP and Head of Marketing for the HISTORY channel and H2, and 15 years at Viacom/Nickelodeon in senior domestic and international roles across the organization.

Maltin is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a B.A. in Political Science and French. She also studied at the Université Paris-Sorbonne and completed the Hearst Management Institute program. Honors and recognitions include Forbes’ CMO Next 2021 List, Business Insider CMOs to Watch 2021 List, an Advertising Age Media Maven distinction and a Brand Innovators award. She is a former board member of PromaxBDA. Maltin lives in Connecticut with her husband and two children.

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