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Sesame Workshop Names Licensing Agents For China, GAS

Sesame Workshop has signed with new licensing agencies for representation in China and in the German-speaking area of Europe, often known as GAS, for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Sesame Workshop is a non-profit organization that launched and still manages the Sesame Street franchise.

This week Sesame Workshop named Medialink Group as its licensing agency for China, but also including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. The non-profit says Medialink Group will manage the brand licensing of Sesame Street’s consumer products, build retail relationships, and work with local licensees to create cross-promotional activations in the respective territories.

“We are delighted to represent Sesame Street in Greater China,” said Noletta Chiu, Managing Director of Medialink Animation International Limited and Medialink Cultural & Creative Limited. “It is immensely meaningful for us to work with such a strong and trusted pre-school brand that shares a similar mission to ours.  It is our great pleasure to work with Sesame Street.”

Today, Sesame Street in available on Tencent, BesTV, SiTV, Mampod and Ukids in Greater China, and generates $1.4 billion in worldwide retail sales of licensed products.

“Sesame Street is everywhere kids are,” said Alvin Fu, Vice President and General Manager of Greater China for Sesame Workshop. “We achieve this by making our innovative video content available through TV and on-demand platforms and working with partners like Medialink to invite kids and fans of all ages to engage with our beloved characters through Sesame Street-branded consumer products and merchandise and interactive experiences.”

Also this week, Sesame Workshop tagged Studio 100 Media as its licensing agent in the GAS region.

Sesame Workshop says Studio 100 will now manage consumer products for Sesame Workshop’s flagship German brand Sesamstrasse, the literal translation of Sesame Street.

As Sesamstrasse celebrates the broadcast of its 50th season in 2023, Studio 100 will manage special brand activations and retail events. Sesamstrasse is a coproduction in Germany with the country’s public broadcaster NDR.

“I am incredibly excited about this strategic partnership with Studio 100 and the opportunity to strengthen the brand in Germany,” said Stefan Kastenmüller, Sesame Workshop’s General Manager for Europe. “In addition to overseeing licensing activity, Studio 100 will develop new ways for families to enjoy and deepen their connection with their favorite characters. Fans can expect to see more in themed entertainment, live shows, apps, and new content.”

Studio 100´s Managing Director Martin Krieger said the firm is thrilled to work with one of the world’s leading children’s brands as it celebrates 50 years of broadcasting.

Many of us grew up with Sesamstrasse and having it now in our portfolio is amazing,” Krieger said. “It’s a perfect fit as we have similar brand values.

“I believe that our expertise will sustainably contribute in strengthening and expanding Sesamstrasse’s popularity and success story,” he added. CWe look forward to further developing licensing opportunities in important and new categories.”

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