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Food and Beverages

Snacking on Branding

Fans will be able to snack on Shopkins macarons, enjoy a Shopkins manicure, play with their favourite characters, check out the full European line in Shopkins World Vacation, enjoy photo opportunities, and more. The Parisian-themed, limited-time pop-up shop—Shopkins Macaron Café—opens in New York City from June

17–19. Moose Toys will be there to celebrate the collectibles brand’s new season of toys.

MegaMex Foods, manufacturer of the Wholly Guacamole brand, launches the first-ever touring guacamole-themed lounge, called The Guac Stop. The lounge features a customizable guacamole bar and a series of ongoing “happenings”—ranging from iPhone photo workshops to fitness classes led by local experts—that will spotlight the brand’s key values. The Guac Stop is slated to visit Chicago, (June 14–18), Atlanta, (June 27–Jul. 2), Philadelphia, (July 12–16), Los Angeles (July 27–31), and Seattle (Aug. 9–13).

Ferrero Int. completes its acquisition of Fannie May Confections Brands and the Harry London chocolate brands from Fannie May continues to operate as a standalone entity under the Ferrero Group. Ferrero also enters into a separate commercial partnership agreement including selected Ferrero and Fannie May products in 1-800-Flowers gift baskets, towers and on e-commerce sites.

In Chicago, Ferrero opens its first Nutella cafe near Millennium Park in Chicago. The permanent cafe is the first restaurant owned and operated by Ferrero. Exclusive menu items include grilled baguettes with Nutella, fresh-roasted hazelnut and blueberry granola with yogurt and Nutella, as well as Italian specialties like “Panzanella” fruit salad and Gelato Affogato. The cafe also offers a number of dishes available without the famous hazelnut spread, including a wide selection of savory dishes such as paninis, salads and other unique specialties.

Tastykake marks the debut of Transformers: The Last Knight, with a redesign of its packaging for limited edition snacks to honour individual characters. Tastykake’s classic line of Minis, classic Butterscotch Krimpets, and Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes will all feature the packaging for fans to collect.


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