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Sony Creative Products Repping Sesame Street in Japan

Sesame Workshop has named Sony Creative Products as its sole licensing agent in Japan for its popular Sesame Street brand.

Sesame Street is the pioneering children’s television program that has been teaching kids their ABCs for over 50 years. The show began in 1969 when the program’s creators had the innovative idea of using the emerging technology of television to educate preschool-aged children.

With a rigorously researched curriculum, a groundbreaking, diverse human cast, and the fun, furry appeal of the Sesame Street Muppets, the experiment succeeded and thrived, with more than 1,000 studies to date showing Sesame Street’s positive impact in the U.S. and around the world. Today, Sesame Street is seen in over 150 countries, including Japan, and generates $1.4 billion in worldwide retail sales of licensed products.

Sesame Street Makes Room for HBO

Sesame Street was first broadcast in Japan in 1971. This year is the 50th anniversary year since its launch. On this milestone year, SCP was named the licensing agent for Sesame Street in Japan.

Maximizing the awareness of Sesame Street’s core values, SCP says it will optimize exposure through brand activations and retail events, and pursue further business opportunities. SCP will manage licensing and retail activities for a wide range of demographics from preschoolers to their caregivers, generation Z, and adults. “SCP will provide unique and memorable Sesame Street experiences at many touch points,” the agency said in a statement.

Sony Creative Products is an IP firm that provides a full range of merchandising and marketing services focused on the development and use of domestic and international intellectual properties, such as copyrighted and trademarked material including illustrated characters. Operations include merchandising such as video, print publications, apparel, toys and other products, while uses in the services field include broadcasting, screening, events, amusement facilities, telecommunications, sales promotion, and distribution, which are handled either directly or under license.

Sony Creative Products is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

Sesame Street and The Wiggles In Music Video Collaboration


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