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Spin Master Goes Full Throttle With Supercross Toy Line

Spin Master Corp. has partnered with Feld Entertainment to get its motor runnin’ with a multiyear, global master toy license for the Supercross off-road motorcycle racing series. Created with Spin Master’s innovative toy designs, the companies say the first wave of Supercross toys will deliver greater authenticity for kids, collectors and fans of the racing brand.

Feld Entertainment is a worldwide leader in producing and presenting live touring family entertainment experiences. Feld events or experiences include Monster Jam, Monster Energy Supercross, Disney On Ice, Disney Live!, Marvel Universe LIVE!, Sesame Street Live!, Jurassic World Live Tour and DreamWorks Trolls The Experience. Across the brand portfolio, Feld Entertainment has entertained millions of families in more than 75 countries and on six continents.

The collection launches with two main branches of product. The Supercross 1:24 Diecast Bike with Rider is a smaller version of the race bikes intended for use as interactive toys. Kids can grip the innovative, articulated race ring on the back of the rider to maneuver the bike allowing for epic stunt recreation, wheelies, tail whips, jumps and turns just like the maneuvers seen at the live events. Featuring realistic details, graphics and metal die-cast motors and forks, the Supercross 1:24 Diecast Bikes with Riders look just like the pros. Each 1:24 scale bike also comes with a unique collector poster of the featured rider.

The Supercross Authentic 1:10 Scale Collector Bikes are authentic racing replicas of the top pro rider’s bikes. Featuring highly detailed sculpts, realistic graphics, working rear suspension and metal diecast motors, the 1:10 scale dirt bikes deliver action and excitement, but are also more suitable for collectors and racing fans. The collection of  1:10 scale motorcycles include replicas of Justin Brayton, Ricky Carmichael and Justin Hill’s bikes complete with a display stand to show off the bike in style.

“We’re starting off the new year with the first ever Supercross toy line, recreating the adrenaline and excitement of the popular live events at home, introducing play opportunities never before seen in Supercross license history,” said Adam Hyman, Spin Master’s Vice President of Marketing. “The line delivers a new way for fans to engage with Supercross bikes and their esteemed riders – and this is just the beginning with further product innovation and new price points in the pipeline for Fall 2021.”

One of the most exciting brands in motorcycle racing, Supercross attracts top professional athletes from around the globe, racing to become the Supercross World Champion. The new toys will entertain and inspire children through every day play, providing fans with more ways to interact with Supercross beyond the live event, Spin Master says.



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