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Tetris Waffle Maker Shows You Should Play With Your Food

Lisle Licensing takes the Tetris brand forward in 2021

The video game property Tetris and their UK-based licensing agent Lisle Licensing have launched a slate of new deals, including one for a hilarious new Tetris waffle maker from Fizz Creations.

Apparently, someone with a love of trapezoids realized waffles are just a lot of tasty Tetris shapes packed together, and decided to produce a waffle maker that punches out the individual shapes. No more can you mother tell you to stop playing with your food.

“We’re all about fun and novelty at Fizz Creations, so are excited to partner with Tetris to launch the waffle maker,” said Zoe Ryan, Marketing Manager at Fizz Creations. ” added Tetrimino shaped waffles … what’s not to love!”

Lisle Licensing says they’ve kicked off 2021 with a number of new partners and product launches, demonstrating continued enthusiasm for a brand which is nearing 40 years of global consumer success and an ever-expanding fan base that “focuses quite simply on the idea ‘we all fit together’.” 

The first launch of 2021 sparked the new year resolutions off with a strong capsule collection of athleisure apparel with

Trademark Products has been signed to develop an apparel daywear range that will launch at retail for the fall and early winter of 2021.  In line with the brand’s bold colours, Trademark Products will focus on soft lines which appeal to the Tetris fanbase who want to embrace their support for the brand beyond traditional gameplay. 

In addition to its waffle maker, Fizz Creations will launch an entire Tetris AW 21 giftware range that fans can surround themselves with on a daily basis.

John Adams, a long-standing UK board game licensee of Tetris has also renewed its agreement for a further three years.  

“As the video gaming industry continues to surge, and particularly retro gaming, so does the popularity of Tetris which will celebrate its 40th year in 2024,” says Francesca Lisle, MD at Lisle Licensing. “We are delighted to kick-off 2021 with two new licensees in categories which will further strengthen the brand’s position in the UK, as well as continue the Tetris partnership with John Adams.”


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