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The Licensing Letter and SPLiCE To Unveil First Licensing Sustainability Award

The first ever Licensing Sustainability Award (LSA) from SPLiCE and The Licensing Letter will be revealed on Dec. 1 at the SPLiCE Licensors Summit.

The Society of Product Licensors Committed to Excellence (SPLiCE) and The Licensing Letter announced the new award program in September. 

Under the LSA program, TLL and SPLiCE present an award quarterly to a company for its innovations in the area of reducing pollution, waste, or carbon emissions. 

The award is not so much awarded for a company, but rather as a way to recognize specific programs undertaken by companies in the licensing industry. It is a quarterly global honor to recognize innovation in sustainable practices, processes, products and services which impact the licensing industry

The Licensing Letter and SPLiCE find it of the utmost importance to initiate a collaboration to sponsor this award,” said SPLiCE CEO Kimberly Kociencki. “Through the Licensing Sustainability Award, we recognize the values, passion, leadership, quality, accountability, and overall implemented activations that impact sustainability best practices in licensing.”

The first of those awards will be presented at the SPLiCE Licensors Summit at noon ET on Dec. 1, followed by a panel called Game Changers for Good. Gary Symons, editor in chief of The Licensing Letter, will speak on the current state of climate change, and how various companies in the licensing industry are responding to the crisis. 

Ewerton Gruba, the Director of Global Responsible Sourcing – Sustainability at Electrolux, will also be presenting during the Game Changers for Good panel. Electrolux is known as a leader in establishing strong sustainability goals for their licensing programs. The conversation will outline how they are implementing environmental sustainability in their licensing programs, with plenty of actionable tips on how others can do the same.

The news of the award will also be publicized in a story in The Licensing Letter, immediately after the presentation. 

“Over the past few years we have seen a huge response to the climate crisis by many companies in our industry,” said Symons. “Our goal in presenting the Licensing Sustainability Award is not just to recognize the good work being done, but to also help spread valuable information on how environmental leaders are creating positive change.”

Nominations for the Licensing Sustainability Award are open to any company involved in the licensing industry and are judged by an independent panel against a number of criteria, including: Standards and best practices; Innovation; Successful implementation; and Capacity building.In choosing the winner of the award each quarter, the judges consider specific eligibility criteria for companies, processes, initiatives, and sustainable products which rise above established practices and demonstrate extraordinary proven practices to 1) be climate sensitive, 2) save natural resources, and/or 3) create game changing innovation for adoption in the licensing industry. 

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