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The Week in Licensing Deals


How do you get to Sesame Street? Easy, just ask Lego. 

The European construction toy giant is bringing out a Sesame Street-themed set for the first time called Lego Ideas 123 Sesame Street. 

The new set features iconic characters you’ll remember from your own childhood (yes, it’s been that long) like Big Bird, Elmo and Oscar the Grouch. 

The set will be up for sale on Nov. 1, 2020, leaving lots of shopping days before Christmas. 

Last Airbender Goes Live on Twitch

The enduringly popular Nickelodeon kids’ series The Last Airbender and its sequel The Legend of Korra are breaking new ground, thanks to a deal with ViacomCBS Networks Americas. 

The rapidly growing streaming platform for gamers will be streaming the two series in Latin America from October 26 through October 29, and allowing viewers to comment on the show in real time. 

Nickelodeon and MTV Latin America will be promoting the live streams across their platforms to drive viewers to Twitch.

This is the first time ViacomCBS Americas has worked with a gaming platform like Twitch.  

DreamWorks goes ‘Sky’ward

The British network Sky has signed a long-term deal with NBC Universal Global Distribution that will bring hundreds of hours of Dreamworks Animation shows to its audience in the UK and Ireland. 

Sky will now be airing popular DreamWorks fare like How to Train Your Dragon, Madagascar and TrollsTopia. 

The deal was considered critical to Sky after Disney shows were moved exclusively to Disney+

Remy & Boo Goes Global

Boat Rocker Studios popular pre-school animated adventure show Remy & Boo is expanding across the globe with new licensing deals on four continents. 

Remy & Boo is a CGI-animated cartoon featuring Remy and a pink robot named Boo. 

The series will now be aired on the Cartoon Network (Korea), Discovery Kids (Middle East) ABC Me (Australia), TVNZ (New Zealand), Tiny Pop (UK), France Télévisions, YLE (Finland), RTL (The Netherlands), DSmart (Turkey), TV2 (Hungary), Disney (Russia) and SRC (French Canada).

Outlander Jewellery on Sale in Scotland

Rabid fans of the TV series Outlander, based on the Diane Gabaldon novels of the same name, can now bring the show’s atmospheric Scottish look home thanks to a deal between Sony Consumer Products, licensing company WildBrain CPLG, and Aurora Jewellery. 

The show is a smash hit globally but nowhere more popular than in Scotland where most of the series was filmed. 

Aurora will be selling the jewellery in their various shops across Scotland, but they will also be made available through their website at

Jaguar Pounces on Licensing Deal with CAA-GBG

The UK’s largest car maker, Jaguar Land Rover, has signed a long-term partnership agreement with CAA-GBG, one of the world’s leading brand management firms.  

Under the agreement, CAA-GBG will be responsible for lifestyle and consumer product development for the two iconic car brands Jaguar and Land Rover.









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