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Thomson Expands into India Appliance Market Through Flipkart License

The French consumer electronics brand Thomson has launched small home appliances in India, in partnership with the leading Indian retailer Flipkart. 

The collaboration was facilitated by India’s leading brand licensing agency LicenseWorks, on behalf of Thomson. 

LicenseWorks is the leading full-service brand licensing agency in India specialized in the strategic brand extension licensing of leading global brands and corporate trademarks. LicenseWorks pioneered corporate brand licensing services in India and offers a holistic approach to branding, design, business development, licensing, and program management.

As part of the launch, Thomson will introduce a wide range of appliances across the kitchen appliances segment (juice mixers, sandwich maker, electric cooker), seasonal appliances (geysers, room heaters), and other home appliances (dry and steam irons) and more on Flipkart.

The new product categories will make superior quality appliances available at affordable prices and bring Thomson’s French touch to Indian kitchens, said Thomson representative Sébastien Crombez. 

“Rich with its 129 years of history, the Thomson brand has been warmly welcomed by Indians when it made its way back to India with television in 2018,” Crombez said. “Thomson has an important focus on India, and we would like to bring quality products that bring the best experience and ease of use to customers.

“In this endeavour, we feel small home appliances play a major role in making our lives easier and convenient and our foray into this segment will enable us to cater to the evolving preference of the Indian consumers with products that embodies the brand’s French touch while making them accessible and affordable. We are delighted to partner with Flipkart in this endeavour to bring the latest products that deliver superior performances to customers across the country.”

Thomson is a major European producer with a rich heritage in the consumer technology sector, stretching back for more than 120 years.

The Thomson brand has been involved in some of the world’s greatest technological revolutions, and now offers a vast range of electrical products spanning television, audio, video, telephony, information technology, connected devices, home, small and large appliances, and healthcare.

“We are happy to welcome Flipkart as a strategic partner for Thomson,” said Pranav Anand, Managing Partner at LicenseWorks. Their expertise in the space of home appliances makes this a perfect launchpad for the brand. It’s truly a win-win for both sides.”

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