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TLL’s Guide to Non-Profit-based Properties

Technically, a non-profit is defined by its status as a charitable institution. However, within that broad categorization, non-profit licensing programs tend to focus on healthcare, environmental/nature, animal rescue, and relief/social service organizations. Some non-profit organizations fall into other licensing sectors; non-profit museums are categorized under “Art” and non-profit educational institutions under “Collegiate,” for example.

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Representative properties: AARP, American Heart Association, American Red Cross, ASPCA, Ducks Unlimited, Federal Duck Stamp Program, 4-H, Girl Scouts of America, Greenpeace, Global Fund/Product Red, National Audubon Society, National Parks & Conservation Association, Nature Conservancy, National Trust for Historic Preservation, National Wildlife Federation, Save the Children, Sierra Club, UNICEF, Wilderness Society, World Wildlife Fund.

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