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TLL’s Guide to Video Game/Interactive/Online-based Properties

This sector includes videogames and videogame-based characters; online-originated properties such as virtual worlds, YouTube videos, blogs, webisodic series, Pinterest, Vine, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media accounts, texting emoticons, and e-mail greeting cards; mobile apps; and other digital properties. In some cases, such as Pokémon, the licensing is split between this sector and “Entertainment/Character,” since there are distinct licensing programs for the TV and videogames. Celebrities from social media are listed under “Celebrities“, while brands from social media are listed in this category.

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Representative properties: Angry Birds, Annoying Orange, Apartment Therapy, Bag Snob, Bin Weevils, Call of Duty, Club Penguin, Cut the Rope, EverQuest, Farmville, Fruit Ninja, Grand Theft Auto, Guitar Hero, Halo, Hoops & Yoyo, Minecraft, Moshi Monsters, MovieStarPlanet, Neopets, Pokémon, Rock Band, Sims, Skylanders, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario, World of Warcraft.

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