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Toy Licensing: Spin Master Renews Lucrative Deal With Warner For Batman & DC

The Canadian-based toy company Spin Master announced it has renewed its global licensing deal with Warner Bros. for the Batman and DC franchises.

Batman alone is one of the world’s leading film and publishing brands, and the entire DC lineup has been one of the top action figure licenses for decades.

Spin Master first joined forces with WBCP in 2018 as the toy licensee for DC in the action figure, playset, roleplay and vehicle categories for the period of 2019-2022. The company has now extended the relationship for a four-year term beginning in 2023 and going through to 2026.

“It’s been an honour to work with Warner Bros. Consumer Products on this heroic and innovative line of action figures, vehicles and playsets, bringing the adventures and stories of Batman, DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains into fans’ homes around the world,” said Chris Beardall, Spin Master’s President, Toys and Chief Commercial Officer. “The timing of this renewal is perfect as we head into a blockbuster year for DC, with it’s incredible slate of feature films hitting the big screen in 2022 coinciding with custom toy collections for each. Our innovative approach to toy design combined with our meticulous attention to detail has helped to achieve record-setting sales for Spin Master’s DC toy line.”

Spin Master has recently released a wide line of new products around the new Matt Reeves film The Batmanincluding a 12-inch figure and an incredibly detailed new RC Batmobile. The success of Spin Master toys led to the renewal, said Warner Bros.

“DC is one of the most iconic brands in the world, and we’re excited to continue our partnership with Spin Master to bring the characters and stories to life through inspired toy collections,” said Sam Bushy, senior vice president and general manager North America and head of e-Commerce for Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

Warner Bros. Pictures’ The Batman opens in theatres March 4, 2022, and Spin Master’s  The Batman toy lineup is available at major toy retailers now.

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