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Celebrity Licensing: UFC Tag Teams With Under Armour and The Rock

By Allison Watkinson

TLL Reporter

UFC has announced a new licensing deal that names the performance brand Project Rock as their official footwear partner.

Project Rock was created by former UFC athlete, entrepreneur, and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in collaboration with athletic-apparel company, Under Armour Inc. It features footwear, apparel, and accessories that have been wear-tested by Johnson in the Iron Paradise.

Under the terms of the multi-year licensing agreement, all UFC athletes and their corner teams will be outfitted with Project Rock branded footwear as part of their UFC Fight Kits.

“UFC athletes are amongst the greatest, toughest, focused, most disciplined and hardest training athletes on the planet,” said Johnson. “Every walk to the iconic Octagon by a UFC fighter is fueled with passion, mana and the deep desire to establish their dominance and legacy. I am proud, grateful and humbled that my innovative Project Rock training shoe is now the official global footwear partner of UFC.”

Athletes will receive the brand’s Project Rock BSR training shoes and Project Rock slides. They will also be outfitted with a special edition colorway of Project Rock x UFC co-branded BSR 2 training shoes this summer.

The footwear will be worn during UFC Fight Week activities, including open workouts, ceremonial and official weigh-ins, and during their walkouts to the world-famous Octagon.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Dwayne Johnson and his Project Rock brand to incorporate this innovative footwear into UFC’s iconic fight kits,” said Tracey Bleczinski, Senior Vice President of Global Consumer Products at UFC.  “The core mission of the Project Rock brand, to help individuals in their journey achieve greatness by equipping them with the right tools, aligns with UFC fighters’ determination, dedication, and perseverance, as they pursue greatness in their own right—both inside and outside of the Octagon.”

UFC is the world’s premier MMA organization, with more than 625 million fans and 187 million social media followers. The organization produces more than 40 live events annually in arenas around the world, while broadcasting to nearly 900 million households across more than 175 countries.

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