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Upcoming Features on TLL

As we head off to Licensing Expo, here is a breakdown of what we’re planning for the rest of the year.

Expo Breakdown

TLL is going to be at Expo—booth #G-71—this year, and we’re still taking appointments; spots are limited. Contact Jen to make an appointment at the booth, take a custom tour of the Licensing Data Bank, and get exclusive show discounts. We’ll also be handing out free copies of the May issue, so stop by to pick up some light reading for your flight back!

Contact Karina for an interview request. We’ll be reporting on Expo trends and news in the upcoming weekly online update, as well as in the print June issue.

Get a chance to win a free one-year subscription to the Licensing Sourcebook Online! On Tuesday at 2:00 pm, TLL will be holding a raffle for everyone who visits our booth with a business card in hand.

And on Thursday at 2:30 pm, we’ll have a special surprise in store for visitors to the booth.

Note that times may change, so follow us on Twitter at @licensingletter. We’ll be tweeting updates, news, and more throughout the show.

Future Stories

Thanks to the respondents to this year’s Annual Licensing Business Survey, we’ve started off the year with a full overview of retail sales of licensed products in the U.S./Canada as well as worldwide. Look forward to deeper coverage focusing on each of the main property types we track throughout the year.

We’re also going to be sending out another round of the Salary Survey as part of our ongoing coverage on salary, bonuses, and other employment trends.

Licensed Retail Sales by Generation

For the first time, TLL is looking to explore retail sales by generation—from Boomers to Gen Z, and beyond to the youngest subset of consumers—and we’re soliciting any comments or insight our readers might have. Do you build your marketing strategies looking to target a specific generational group—perhaps through a social media presence? What kind of research do you do? How do you think each generation shops?

One respondent to this year’s Survey noted that “Millennials are out. It’s all about Gen Z now.” Another reader sent us a request to report on seniors in licensing. So, we’re setting out to get the numbers behind this story.

Note on Submissions

As always, we welcome submissions in any format. Listings in the Deal Sheet, inclusion in Who’s News, and other coverage is absolutely free. And like our readers above, feel contact us to get insight on areas that you’d like to see us report on.


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