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Video: Transformers Get Real With Hasbro/Robosen Partnership

The idea behind The Transformers—of giant robots that transformed into vehicles in just a few seconds—always seemed cool, but ultimately completely unrealistic.

Until now.

Hasbro has released the first product of its partnership with robotics company Robosen, that being a large version of Transformer’s boss Optimus Prime that can autonomously convert from a robot to a semi-trailer truck, and back again. It also walks, talks, and carries out a wide variety of actions that are either pre-programmed or can be programmed by the user.

As you can see in the video below, the way Optimus transforms from truck to robot and back again, smoothly and within a few seconds, actually makes the idea of a transforming robot far more realistic.

To create this highly realistic Transformer, Hasbro partnered with one of the leading companies in the field of robotics to launch the world’s most advanced and programmable robots to the market through the Transformers franchise. The first product released is the Transformers Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Programmable Advanced Robot, a 19-inch tall, fully functional collector’s edition with a $699 price tag that buys you the ability to convert from a vehicle to a robot, a walking function, and a race setting when in vehicle mode.

Unlike any other Transformer previously released, this robot can drive from one place to another, halt on command, convert to a robot, and attack targets. The Licensing Letter  can predict with almost 100 per cent certainty that the Transformers Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Programmable Advanced Robot will become the bane of house cats wherever it finds a home.

Optimus is also among the smartest robots out there in the world of toys. The robot is made with 5,000 separate components, and has 60 microchips controlling 27 separate servo motors to give Optimus his get up and go. The robot also features advanced programming which allows users to control his actions either by voice command or a mobile app. It comes with several already coded actions, but the robot is so advanced it allows its owners to create new actions as well.

And that’s not all for this robot 11 years in the making. This is the first consumer robot that features comprehensive code development, and robot control by either voice or via mobile app.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Hasbro and look forward to ushering in a new standard of robotics with the most advanced Transformers robots for consumers ever created,” said Sean Tang, director of Robosen USA. “The team is working hard to deliver an amazing user experience for fans of this esteemed franchise and produce Transformers that will be a premium addition to their collection with its superior functionality.”

This is obviously not Robosen’s first project, as the company attracted a great deal of media attention at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, where the company displayed its industry leading technology in artificial joint driving algorithms and digital electric drive technology when they debuted the T9, an advanced programmable robot that was voted a show favorite by  attendees.

The partnership with Hasbro, however, predates the unveiling of the T9, and in total, Robosen said 11 years of research and development were required to create this version of the Optimus Prime robot. Casey Collins, Habro’s general manager and SVP, global consumer products, says Optimus is among the most advanced products ever released by a toy company, and that is absolutely unique in the marketplace.

“We are equally excited about this collaboration,” said Collins. “In our continued persistence to elevate branded play, Robosen’s advanced innovation within robotics will allow our fans to bring their favorite Transformers characters to life in a way never achieved before within collectibles.

However, seeing truly is believing. To see the new Optimus Prime transforming from truck to robot, skip ahead to the 24 second mark of the above video.


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