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Viral TikTok Star Doggface Gets Truck Upgrade From 4 Wheel Parts

Last fall Idaho man Nathan Apodaca, better known as Doggface, became a viral internet sensation after his car broke down, and he hopped on his longboard to finish his daily commute. Along the way, Doggface filmed himself chugging Ocean Spray cranberry juice and launching into an absolutely epic lipsynch of the Fleetwood Mac song Dreams.

The video turned Doggface into a major social media influencer with more than 3 million Instagram followers, not to mention some new wheels!

The irony now is that Ocean Spray responded by giving Apodaca a new, cranberry-red, 2021 Chevy Silverado truck, which means he’s not likely to break down again, and now the Boise, Idaho outlet of 4 Wheel Parts have jumped in to give his truck a complete makeover, turning it into the “perfect rigged out off-road vehicle that he can use in all of his outdoor adventures.”

4 Wheel Parts is a powerhouse in the growing $10-plus billion Jeep and truck accessory market. A division of Transamerican Auto Parts (TAP Worldwide, LLC), and acquired by Polaris Industries Inc. in 2016, 4WP sells and installs an extensive line of industry-leading aftermarket parts and accessories for off-road enthusiasts through 95 brick-and-mortar stores in North America and online. More than 500 aftermarket auto brands are offered through 4WP, including off-road wheels, tires, suspensions, drivetrains, exterior/interior accessories, recovery equipment, lighting, electronics, replacement parts, and gear for the outdoor/camping lifestyle.

“I just want to say my experience with 4 Wheel Parts has been awesome,” said Apodaca. “When I got my truck back, it was like a brand-new truck. The look of it. The stance… just everything about it, along with the service. It just went hand-in-hand and was overall a great experience.

“I can’t wait to bring my dad’s truck to them for more work,” he added.

To give his vehicle an upgrade, 4 Wheel Parts Boise store went all out from head to toe, adding a 4-inch Pro Comp suspension lift with new 20-inch 4WP Factory wheels wrapped in 35-inch 4WP Factory tires and even new power steps to make it easier to hop in.

“When the team here at 4 Wheel Parts watched the videos of Doggface, we just knew we wanted to connect with him,” says Joey DiGiovanni, Director of Marketing at 4WP. “I reached out to Doggface directly via IG and put him in touch with our 4WP Boise 4WP Store and talked to him about his dream truck and we knew we could make it a reality. We decided to use our 4WP Factory Tires & 4WP Factory Wheels to give more height and the ability to take his truck off-roading on his travels. Our 4WP installation experts did an amazing job to help build out Doggface’s dream truck. This partnership with Doggface also supported our ongoing efforts of outreach to millennial and Latinx audiences.”

If you want to check out Doggface’s hot new ride, you can watch the buildout on 4WP’s YouTube channel.



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