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White Castle Marks A Century Of Burgers With A Licensing Onslaught

The legendary and long-lived burger chain White Castle is a hundred years young, and is celebrating its centennial with several key licensing partners.

Partners like PUMA, DGK, Funko, Spirit Halloween, Spencer’s Gifts and more are joining the festivities as White Castle marks a century of burgers with a licensing onslaught.

Some of those activities include powerful brand partnerships, a time-traveling sweepstakes, promotions, limited edition menu items and virtual events, including a live-streamed virtual Birthday Bash that took place on May 26, and a Virtual Cravers Hall of Fame that will take place in July. Many of the products coming out are already featured on White Castle’s website.

Brandgenuity, White Castle’s brand licensing agency, is amplifying the 100th birthday with a program of licensed collaborations and partners. Each will memorialize White Castle’s heritage and cultural cachet, affirming White Castle as a timeless food and pop culture icon and rewarding ‘Cravers’.

White Castle announced the forthcoming PUMA partnership during their Birthday Bash livestream on May 26. “Celebrating our 100th year and working closely with Brandgenuity has empowered us to bring a White Castle connection to more places in fun and unexpected ways,” said Lynn Blashford, Chief Marketing Officer at White Castle. 

Made for the Cravers, the all-new PUMA x White Castle product line transforms classic PUMA silhouettes with inspiration from the  Original Slider and  White Castle brand. The PUMA x White Castle collection launched June 25 at the PUMA NYC Flagship store, and across the Foot Locker Inc. family. An additional PUMA x White Castle collection will be releasing this fall.

Global skate authority DGK, known for their bold street-smart collaborations, will launch a White Castle x DGK collection later this summer.

The Funko Pop! White Castle Slider figure, one of Funko’s new Foodies Pop! figures, was introduced to fans in May. The Foodies line, an extension of the popular Pop! Ad Icons collection, is now available for pre-sale at Entertainment Earth.

Spirit Halloween is creating cheeky, limited edition costumes, and Spencer’s Gifts is developing a direct-to-retail line of apparel, accessories and novelty items, providing fans with more craveable badge wear. Both will launch this fall.

“White Castle is a fast food and retail pioneer with an unmatched loyal fanbase,” said Louis Drogin, Partner at Brandgenuity.  “We’re thrilled to celebrate White Castle’s 100th birthday, helping them make memorable moments every day—this year and beyond—by providing Cravers with new ways to enjoy White Castle through exciting brand extensions,”

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