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Who’s News

NBCUniversal Brand Development names Jonathan Baker as its new VP EMEA NBCUniversal Consumer Products and Hannah Mungo as Country Director U.K. & Ireland NBCUniversal Consumer Products. The entertainment giant has established new regional offices in both Japan and China, as well as the newly created EMEA central office in London. Beginning Jan. 1, 2017, NBCUniversal is moving to direct management of its business in the U.K. and Ireland, followed by direct management in the territories of France, Benelux, Germany, Italy, and Iberia on Jul. 1, 2017.

BBC Children’s exec Sarah Muller takes over as Head Children’s at Channel 5.

eOne hires Katie Rollings as Head U.K. Licensing for eOne Family and eOne Licensing, with a strategic focus on Peppa Pig and PJ Masks.

Nickelodeon and Viacom Consumer Products appoints Felix Ruoff as VP Sales/Marketing EMEA & MENA CP. Also, Marianne James is now VP Commercial Partnerships, Consumer Products & Experiences for Nickelodeon U.K. & Ireland.

Irene Weibel and Andrew Kerr co-found Sutikki, Bento Box Entertainment’s new kids unit.

Consultancy The Brand Director welcomes Ingrid Selberg and Eric Huang as Associates.

Stephanie Sperber launches full service global licensing and representation firm White Space Entertainment as Chairman & CEO. The agency has signed on Dr. Seuss, Uglydoll, the DR1 drone racing league, and will launch the all-new franchise Benji.

Mattel Creations—the toy giant’s theatrical, television, and digital content division—adds Cheryl Gresham as VP Global Media & Marketing Integration and Justin Richardson as VP Global Content Distribution & Strategy.

Mondo TV appoints Julia Gutiérrez Cillero as the group’s Licensing Manager responsible for Spain, Portugal, and Latin America.

Ben Lerer will serve as the CEO of newly formed Group Nine Media, which consolidates five digital companies including Discovery-owned properties Seeker and SourceFed Studios.

Tom Peddie is Nike’s new VP & GM North America, succeeding Joaquin Hidalgo.

Sabrina Arab joins HarperCollins France as Deputy Editorial Director.

Bottega Veneta names Claus Dietrich Lahrs as its new CEO.

Netflix brings on Bela Bajaria as VP of Content, overseeing TV- and film-licensing initiatives, as well as co-productions with American networks.

Al Kahn joins Toon Goggles as chairman of the board.

Gaumont Animation appoints Marc Dhrami to Head Operations and Gaëlle Guiny to Director Animated Series Development.

Tory Burch names John Mehas as President, succeeding Brigitte Kleine.

Dark Horse Comics promotes Melissa Lomax to Director Marketing.

Oak West names David Corbin as President & CEO.

Sears Holdings promotes Jason Hollar to CFO.

Vickie Jaeger joins Printers Row Publishing Group div. ReaderLink Marketing Services, as the Developmental Editor for Portable Press.

Barry Groves steps down as MD for Posh Paws at the end of the year due to health issues. Parent Whitehouse Leisure is currently seeking a successor.

Stein Mart is seeking a new Chief Merchandising Officer as Dawn Robertson resigns as CEO, to be replaced by new Interm CEO Hunt Hawkins.

Caliber Comics founder and CEO Gary Reed passed away.


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