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The LEGO Group reshuffles its executive team: Bali Padda is President & CEO; Ulrik Gernow, Chief Business Transformation Officer; Julia Goldin, CMO; Marjorie Lao, CFO; Carsten Rasmussen is COO; Loren Shuster, CCO; and Padma Thiruvengadam, Chief People Officer.

CPLG ups its European team: Joachim Knoedler is now MD Central Europe (combining his current Germany remit with France); Concetta Galani, Commercial Director France; Clementine Goutaine, Retail & Marketing Director France; Romina Ivanisevic, Commercial Director Germany; Sven Burscher, Retail & Marketing Director Germany; and Slawek Ekiert, Commercial Director Nordic & CEE. Virginie Kleinclaus-Renard, current MD CPLG France, steps down.

Striker Entertainment hires Anna Kislevitz as Director Intl. Licensing to focus on new opportunities for the U.K. and EMEA

JELC appoints Julie Michell as Director & Business Partner.

National Geographic Partners has a new team in place: Rosa Zeegers is EVP Consumer Products & Experiences, Juan Gutierrez is SVP Consumer Products & Location Based Entertainment, and Cynthia Rapp is SVP Creative Consumer Products & Experiences.

Rai promotes Luca Milano to Director Rai Ragazzi, a new kids’ area created by the merger between its kid’s channels, Rai Yoyo and Rai Gulp, and the Unit for Animation & Kids Drama productions.

Crate & Barrel CEO Doug Diemoz leaves after less than two years on the job.

Time Inc. names Lori Fromm as its new VP Brand Sales.

Sundance Feniger is VP & GM of Boomerang’s newly launched SVOD service, a joint-venture between Time Warner’s Turner and Warner Bros. Digital Networks Group.

Bandai U.K. names Nic Aldridge as its new General Manager, Clive Smith as Managing Director, and Tess Parsons-Broome as Marketing Manager.

Kohl’s hires Greg Revelle as CMO.

Varsity Brands appoints Adam Blumenfeld as CEO, while Terry Babilla continues to serve as President.

Bleacher Report (the Turner-owned digital-media sports unit) hires Keith Hernandez as SVP Brand Strategy & Sales—no relation to the New York Mets player.


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