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Who’s News

Universal Brand Development appoints five new managers for its EMEA territories:

  • Kathrin Brandhorst is Country Director Germany, Switzerland, and Austria;
  • Virginie Kleinclaus is Country Director France;
  • Karen Argos is Country Director Iberia;
  • Mariella Almasio is Country Director Italy; and
  • Jean-Francois Auquier is Country Director Benelux.

The news follows three new appointments for Universal’s gaming business—SVP Production James Molinets, VP Creative Timothy FitzRandolph, and SVP Technology & Operations Fabian Schonholz.

Xilam Animation appoints Morgann Favennec as EVP Development & Global Sales. She is tasked with developing commercial activities as well as searching for potential acquisitions and co-productions.

Otis Eyewear appoints Scott Lewis to the newly created role of Global Brand Manager.

Ralph Lauren appoints Patrice Louvet, formerly of Procter & Gamble, as its new CEO and member of the board of directors. The individual Ralph Lauren remains as Executive Chairman & CCO. Louvet’s successor at P&G hasn’t been named yet.

Adidas appoints Alain Pourcelot as Managing Director Western Europe (succeeding Gil Steyaert) and Martin Shankland as Managing Director Emerging Markets (succeeding Osman Ayaz).

Trends Intl. Group’s Founder & CEO, Phil St. Jean, retires after 30 years. Bruce Morrison, currently President & COO, resumes all CEO responsibilities.

Brand Central launches a trend intelligence service named Brand Central Insights. The new division will be led by Mark Otero as Managing Director.

Multi-platform digital content studio Gunpowder & Sky taps Randel Bryan to serve as the Managing Director of its brand new international division.

RH appoints Sandra Stangl as President New Business Development.

Cathy Prowde joins IMC Toys as Marketing Manager.

Penguin Random House Children’s Creative Director, Ronnie Fairweather, will retire after 30 years.

Columbia Sportswear’s President & COO, Bryan Timm, steps down. Timm’s responsibilities will be handled by other members of the senior management team.

Stanley Weston, inventor of the GI Joe action figure, passes away.

Congrats to the winners of LIMA’s Rising Stars Award for 2017:

  • Scott Halpern, Senior Licensing Manager at WWE
  • Yuki Jinza, Laura Ashley Japan
  • Curtis Matthews, Director Product Approval at Striker Entertainment
  • Ryan McDonald, Coordinator Business Development & Digital Licensing at NFL Players.
  • Lauren Montemaro, Associate Director, Beanstalk
  • Will Ochoa, Associate Category Manager Hardlines at Turner Broadcasting
  • Claire Pierce, Sales Director Brand Licensing at Meredith Corporation
  • Becky Quinn, Manager North America Licensing at Sesame Workshop
  • Naomi Rosenzweig, Licensing Coordinator at Berkshire Fashions
  • Nancy Sanieoff, Licensing Director at Brand Central
  • Andi Scher, Senior Licensing & Marketing Manager, Richmond Management Group
  • Nicole Silberstein, Content Manager Digital & Interactive at License! Global
  • Samantha Yang, Senior Brand Manager at Shanghai Skynet Brand Management Corp.

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