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Who’s News

Genius Brands Intl. promotes Deb Pierson to SVP Global Content Distribution & Marketing and Lloyd Mintz to SVP Worldwide Consumer Products. Pierson will be charged with oversight of Genius Brand’s global content distribution business. Meanwhile, Mintz will expand his remit to include direct responsibility for increasing global awareness of signature brands.

Funrise hires Annie Sullivan as its new EMEA Export Director.

Denise Carranza joins Trevco as Director Licensing.

Bravado taps Christine Calip Victor as SVP Business Development, Business & Legal Affairs.

Jim Reid-Anderson replaces recently retired John Duffey as Six Flags Entertainment’s Chairman, President & CEO.

ITV names Carolyn McCall to serve as its new CEO, effective Jan. 8, 2018.

Macy’s promotes Michelle Israel to Head Off-Price Divisions (Backstage).

The National Retail Federation elects Macy’s Executive Chairman Terry Lundgren as its Chairman, replacing former HSNi CEO Mindy Grossman.

Kenzo executive Eric Marechalle is set to develop Marc Jacobs as CEO in Q3, succeeding Sebastian Suhl.

Dark Horse Comics promotes Nick McWhorter to Chief Business Development Officer.

Michael Polis joins the executive team of Captain Action Enterprises through his company Atomic Toybox Entertainment, which has invested in the property along with co-founders Ed Catto and Joe Ahearn.

Mattel’s Kevin Farr will step down after a 17-year stint as its CFO. Farr’s departure comes as CEO Margo Georgiadis’ efforts to revive the company’s business following several quarters of declining sales ramp up. In recent months, Georgiadis had dismissed Mattel’s Human Resources Head and CIO.

Vimeo finally has a new CEO with Anjali Sud; she replaces interm CEO Joey Levin.

Alpha Animation & Toys doubles in size with new talent: In the U.K., Lisa Cox joins as Senior Account Manager, Kirsty Gray is Senior Account Manager, and Kerry Tarrant is Marketing Manager. Andrew McCormick joins the Ireland team.

Darren Lachtman, co-founder of the influencer marketing startup Niche, departs Twitter after the social media giant acquired Niche for approximately $30 million in 2015. Twitter’s Nick Millman will leading the global organization going forward and Kristen Lachtman will head Niche in the U.S. The company match-makes creators and brands on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

CEO & Brand Manager of Edelrid, Carsten von Birckhahn, dies after a crash landing while paragliding in Val di Mello in northern Italy.


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