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Who’s News

Universal Brand Development appoints Joe Lawandus to SVP & GM North America Consumer Products. Meanwhile, Marc Low expands his current role to SVP & GM Intl. Consumer Products. Low has been opening offices and leading the division’s rapid growth across international markets. Manuel Torres Port, EVP Worldwide Consumer Products, will be leaving the company at the end of the month to pursue new interests.

LEGO replaces its first non-Danish CEO, Briton Bali Padda, who was appointed eight months ago; Padda steps into a special advisory role with LEGO Brand Group. New CEO Neils Christiansen was formerly CEO of Danfoss, a Danish global industrial technology company specializing in infrastructure, food supply, energy efficiency and climate-friendly technology.

BuzzFeed hires Eric Karp as its first Head Licensing. Karp will look to license goods that a “subject matter expert would really good at taking on”—BuzzFeed’s team will continue to develop its own products—and oversee existing content licensing partnerships.

Jazwares hires Chris Parrish as a Senior Director Licensing; Audrey Knott as Senior Director Business, Monika Salazar as Senior Director Trade & Retail Marketing; and Chris Cofoni as VP Specialty & Mid-tier Sales.

ABG restructures its leadership team and adds two new groups EVP Marketing Natasha Fishman‘s leadership: the Digital Innovation Group and Brand Experience Group.

  • Corey Salter, Co-chief Business Officer & EVP Celebrity & Entertainment, is responsible for all domestic and international celebrity and entertainment business development.
  • Jarrod Weber, EVP Brand, is responsible for leading ABG’s brand management groups. Salter and Weber will continues to oversee all celebrity and entertainment brand management together.
  • John Erlandson, Co-chief Business Officer & EVP Business Development, will lead all domestic and international new business development.
  • Ken Ohashi, EVP Lifestyle, will oversee brand management for Aéropostale, Frye, Hickey Freeman, and Hart Schaffner Marx.
  • Christina Martin, SVP Lifestyle, will oversee brand management for Juicy Courture, Jones New York, Adrienne Vittadini, Taryn Rose, Misook, Judith Leiber, and Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Hearst Magazines hires Jon Gluck away from Condé Nast for the newly created position of Executive Director Editorial Talent, Development & Special Projects. Gluck oversees senior-level editorial recruiting, develop existing and new magazines, and work to create special projects like live events.

Avon’s CEO, Sherilyn S. McCoy, will resign at the end of March after pressure from investors to shake up its management structure. The beauty company recently hired Jonathan Myers as its new COO and Miguel Fernandez as its new Global President Commercial Business Operations. Avon is currently searching for a General Counsel and CFO.

Tim Stephen is now Head U.S. Business & Legal Affairs at Gaumont. Stephen oversee management of properties such as Narcos, F is For Family, Hannibal, and more.

Ariel Foxman is named Olivela’s Chief Brand Officer.

Rebellion hires Damian Treece in the newly created role of Brand Licensing Manager.

Melanie Humberstone-Garley is joining Larkshead Media as the firm’s special consultant.

Jeff Brotman, Co-founder & Chairman of the Board of Costco, died at 74 years of age.


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