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Who’s News

Lionsgate promotes Kerry Phelan to President Global Franchise Management. Phelan is tasked with managing upcoming projects including Lionsgate Movie World in Korea, the Lionsgate Entertainment World indoor theme park in China, and the Lionsgate Entertainment City centers set to bow in the U.S. and Europe.

Warner Bros. Consumer Products U.K. & Ireland appoints Rachel Wakley to serve as the company’s General Manager.

National Geographic Partners hires Maria Maranesi as its new VP Consumer Products & Experiences Europe & Africa. Maranesi is now building a team in the region, with new positions to be created in the coming months.

Centa IP hires Gail Mitchell as VP Asia-Pacific, located in Sydney; Rebekah Belzer as VP Sales & Licensing (The Americas), located in Los Angeles; and Nick Cooke as VP Sales & Licensing (Europe), located in London.

Robert Niemann is starting a new position as Managing Partner at Sports Advisory Intl. GmbH.

Steve May joins comics and game publisher Space Goat as Director Business Development.

ASIA–G-III Apparel Group and Amlon Capital (Fred Gehring’s investment fund) partner to form a new joint venture. Gehring will serve as Chairman while Steve Shen will serve as CEO.

Julie McKenzie joins Welspun USA as CEO.

Poeticgem’s licensing division spins off as Poetic Brands. The new venture is led by Elliott Matthews and remains part of parent group PDS Multinational.

Youth research and consulting firm Smarty Pants hires Haley Kaiser as its new Insights Whiz. She will help design, field, and analyze primary research initiatives for the company’s entertainment, technology, and food and beverage clients.

Paramount Players hires Ali Bell and Matt Dines as EVPs, both reporting to President Brian Robbins.

Southern Hobby Supply welcomes Trent Harmon as VP Sales & Marketing.

iProspect appoints Rohan Philips as Global Chief Product Officer.

Target taps Minsok Pak as its new EVP & Chief Strategy/Innovation Officer. Park oversees enterprise strategy development and retail innovation, as well as business development including M&A, partnerships, and joint venture initiatives.

Hudson’s Bay Co.’s Intl. President Don Watros, departs Sept. 29th.


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