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Who’s News — 12/18/2017

Are you hiring—or being promoted, changing jobs, retiring, launching a new company, or otherwise changing your employment? Email Jen at and we’ll announce the news in our next issue of Who’s News.


CJ Kettler is the new President of King Features Syndicate. Kettler is charged with bringing King properties—including Popeye, Betty Boop, Prince Valiant, Flash Gordon, and Cuphead—into the digital age as programming continues to expand onto streaming services and OTT platforms.

Thomas Ferguson is the new VP Licensing & Partnerships for Endemol Shine North America. He will focus on publishing, e-commerce, branded content experiences, as well as live events for Endemol Shine series. Kelly Hill will continue as VP Licensing Partnerships; together with Ferguson, the two will lead the company’s licensing efforts under SVP Brand & Licensing Partnerships Tamaya Petteway.

On the other side of the pond, Endemic Shine Group shutters its U.K. digital talent management firm FlipSide Talent. Earlier this year, Endemic had shut down digital media-based operation Endemol Shine Beyond USA. FlipSide’s founders, Fleur Brooklin Smith and Mike Cook, launch a new venture Above The Fray—which reps creators like Daniel Howell and Phil Lester, Emma Pickles, Thomas ‘TomSka’ Ridgewell, Jana Vlogs, Lucy Wood, Grace and Amanda Mandeville, Mikey Pearce, Stuart Ashen, and Marc Zapanta.

Beanstalk appoints Jasen Wright to serve as VP Brand Management.

Sam Ferguson is promoted to VP Licensing at Jazwares.

Manufacturer of model, toy, and collectible horses, Breyer, appoints Rick Rekedal as EVP Brand & Business Development and Rhion Magee as VP Creative.

Lindsey Chester joins Bulldog Licensing as its new Retail Licensing Manager.

Half Moon Bay names Etta Saunders as its new Head Licensing & Product Development. Saunders will leave Parragon Books to take up her new position in Jan. next year.

Michael Kors taps Francesca Leoni to serve as SVP & Chief Brand Officer for the Michael Kors brand, effective Feb. 5, 2018. Leoni currently serves as the Worldwide Communications Director for Valentino.

Performing rights organization ASCAP appoints Stephanie Ruyle to replace retiring Vincent Candilora as EVP & Head Licensing. Ruyle will be in charge of ASCAP’s licensing revenues across all platforms, including digital services, television, radio, concerts, retail and restaurants, among others; she reports directly to CEO Elizabeth Matthews.

Barry Hafft joins Trends International as the company’s EVP Sales & Retail Services.

The Bon-Ton Stores promotes Chad Stauffer to President Merchandising & Marketing.

Former Macy’s VP Margaret Sotrop joins retail services provider GSP as its new Executive Creative Director to oversee everything from campaign development to visual merchandising.

Sesame Street producer Benjamin Lehmann is promoted to Executive Producer of the show.

Guru Studio hires Kara Lord Piersimoni as its new VP Production and Daniel Rattner as Senior Director Marketing & Branding.

The Fred Rogers Co. names Matthew Shiels to the newly-created position of Director Business & Legal Affairs.

Creative Covers for Golf, producer of custom headcovers for school and university mascots as well as corporate branding and licensee designs, appoints Stan Denenberg to develop new business and licensing opportunities.

Egmont Publishing U.K. promotes new commercial roles to its board: Sarah Bates, Commercial Director Books; Ingrid Gilmore, Sales, Marketing & PR Director Books; Siobhan Galvin, Commercial Director Magazines; and Anna Buss, Finance Director. Cally Poplak, MD, will take direct responsibility for all business operations.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau promotes Patrick Dolan to President and names Anna Bager as EVP Industry Initiatives.

Kilogrammedia and ZenWorks form a partnership for Asian market; Kilogrammedia will extend its PR and marketing client services to ZanWorlk’s Asian client base and market. ZenWorks currently represents Japanese brands like the V&A, Slazenger, Donnay, and No Fear.









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