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Who’s News — 1/8/2018

Are you hiring—or being promoted, changing jobs, retiring, launching a new company, or otherwise changing your employment? Email Jen at and we’ll announce the news in our next issue of Who’s News.


Wicked Cool Toys hires Herb Mitschele as EVP Global Sales & Operations

Warner Bros. appoints Walter Hamada as President of its DC-based film production efforts. Hamada is best known for his work on the Conjuring horror series as well as the films It and Annabelle: Creation.

Jared Wolfson returns to Jakks Pacific as SVP Digital Marketing & Studio JP—the toyco’s new division dedicated to creating and developing original, multiplatform animated content.

Former Toys ‘R’ Us China executive Kirsten Ytterbo is now the SVP of King Bee Ltd.

Iconix Brand Group’s Peter Cuneo shifts his role to Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors. Cuneo is now focused on evaluating strategic opportunities, overseeing the financial and legal functions, and working toward stabilizing the company’s balance sheet.

Macy’s creates the new post of Chief Product & Digital Revenue Officer, to be filled by Jill Ramsey. She oversees product and revenue for and the Macy’s app, and will be responsible for heading digital revenue, enterprise product management, the enterprise portfolio, digital merchandise management, site production, and the user experience.

Following IMG’s squisition of Exhibition Intl., the company’s Founder & President John Norman, will become MD Exhibitions for IMG Events. The rest of the Exhibition Intl. team will also join IMG.

Neiman Marcus Group names Geoffroy van Raemdonck as its new CEO, succeeding Karen Katz. Katz will retire as President & CEO on Feb. 12, but will remain on the board. Van Raemdonck was formerly Group President at Ralph Lauren Corp. for the EMEA as well as global travel retail.

Diesel taps Marco Agnolin as its new CEO.

Nathan Jenden is back at Diane von Furstenberg as Chief Design Officer & VP Creative; he will oversee all design for the brand. Jonathan Saunders resigned as Chief Creative Officer last month.

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet promotes John Swygert to EVP & COO and Jay Stasz to SVP & CFO.

Lowe’s hires Vikram Singh as Chief Digital Officer.

Jamie Mabbs is appointed as Revell’s new U.K. Country Manager.

Twitter promotes Stephanie Prager from Head of U.S. Agency Development to Head of Global Agency Development, consolidating the two roles.

David Ayer (Suicide Squad, Bright) and Chris Long team up to form Cedar Park Entertainment. The new venture will develop film and TV projects for multiple platforms.

Image Comics welcomes Sean Edgar as Brand Manager.

Walt Disney adds two tech execs to its board of directors: Safra Catz, CEO of Oracle, and Francis A. deSouza, CEO of biotech firm Illumina.


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