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Who’s News — 1/22/2018

Are you hiring—or being promoted, changing jobs, retiring, launching a new company, or otherwise changing your employment? Email Jen at and we’ll announce the news in our next issue of Who’s News.


LIMA welcomes Gisela Abrams (from Sesame Workshop) as SVP Global Partnerships and Sharon Weisman (from UBM) as Senior Director Global Business Bevelopment. Both Gisela and Sharon report to EVP Maura Regan.

Sarah Muller joins Sony Pictures Television Networks in a VP position to helm its growing U.K. children’s and youth portfolio. She leads brands POP, Tiny Pop, POP MAX, and AVOD service POP FUN in addition to the company’s music channel portfolio.

The new chairman of National Retail Federation’s board of directors is Christopher Baldwin, BJ’s Wholesale Club President & CEO. He will serve a two-year term and succeeds Macy’s Executive Chairman Terry Lundgren, who assumed the NRF chairmanship last July. NRF also elected eight other retailers and retail partners as new members of the board:

  • Miki Racine Berardelli—CEO, KIDBOX
  • John Furner—President & CEO, Sam’s Club
  • Jeff Gennette—CEO, Macy’s
  • Mike George—President & CEO, QVC Group
  • Steve Joyce—CEO, DineEquity
  • Rachel Mushahwar—GM U.S. Enterprise, Government, SLED & Cloud Industries, Intel
  • Eva Press—U.S. Group Lead, Consumer Packaged Goods, Government, Healthcare & Retail, Facebook
  • Brad Weston—CEO, Petco

Mitchell Loring retires as President of Meyer Corporation U.S.

Wayfair hires Molly Sullivan as Head Creative, a new position where she will oversee brand and marketing creative initiatives globally.

Marketing and communications firm ChizComm promotes Donna MacNeil to SVP Marketing and hires Ian Chisholm.

Shout! Studios, the entertainment distribution and production arm of Shout! Factory, appoints Brent Haynes as Head TV Development.

At MarVista Entertainment, Darrell Cross joins as CFO; Jody Cipriano as Head Global Distribution; and Janet Savage as SVP Business & Legal Affairs. In addition, MarVista promotes Kenny Christmas to EVP Business & Legal Affairs and Rod Rodrigo to VP Intl. Sales.

TDP Textiles promotes Dean Greasley to Director Licensing and hires Jo Thomas as Senior Account Manager Daywear.

David Lacey is the new CEO of SMASHMALLOW.


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