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Who’s News: Round-up of Licensing Appointments

Georgina Heatley Joins ARTiSTORY

The artsy licensing firm ARTiSTORY has hired Georgina Heatley (pictured) as its new licensing and editorial assistant, joining company founders Yizan He and Natasha Dyson in their quest ‘transform artefacts to merchandise.’

ARTiSTORY was founded to help create well designed merchandise that is inspired by art and cultural works, and getting those products to a global audience. In doing so, ARTiSTORY typically designs immersive retailing experiences for consumers and tells stories via digital content and pop-up exhibitions.

“We’re thrilled to have Georgina on board,” said Natasha Dyson on behalf of the team. “Georgina shares ARTiSTORY’s passion for storytelling, art, history and cultural heritage with experience gained in both the licensing and heritage sectors, having worked with a wealth of licensees at Historic Royal Palaces. 

NECA Founder Taking Over Operations at Rubies

The global costume company Rubies released last week the details of a deal that will see the company’s co-owner and managing partner, Joel Weinshanker, take over the direct oversight of the entire worldwide Rubie’s business.

Weinshanker is also the founder of the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA).

In his new role, Weinshanker says he will be focusing on the best way to structure the more than 1,000 Rubies employees around the world to maintain the firm’s position as a leader and an innovator in the design, manufacture, and distribution of costumes globally.

Rubie’s is the largest costume designer, manufacturer, and distributor in the United States. Following a recent asset purchase acquisition in October 2020, Rubie’s is now owned by Weinshanker, with funds managed by Atalaya Capital Management LP, and members of the Beige family, which founded the  company in 1950.

Golden Goose Hires Three Veteran Licensing For Key Roles

The licensing agency Golden Goose has added three experienced licensing professionals to its team as Valerie Fry, Tina-Louise Foster, and Helen Webster are taking on new roles this week to help the licensing agency develop programs for a large and growing client list.

Golden Goose says Fry and Foster will drive the licensing programs for Shepperton Design Studio’s Original Stormtrooper and for Bauer’s Mother & Baby, while Webster will help develop the Tusk Trust and English Heritage portfolios.

All three of the new team members come to the company with a wealth of licensing industry experience and expertise across multiple sectors.

Foster was the founder of Nimbus Nine founder, and has worked with major accounts such as LOL Surprise, DreamWorks, and Warner Bros.

Fry was the founder of Fryday Brands and previously worked with Ryan’s World and Thomas the Tank Engine, among other accounts.

Webster was founder of Strategic Brand Licensing, and previously worked with Sanderson, Scion Living and The Original Morris & Co.

Adam Bass, director of Golden Goose, said he’s thrilled to welcome three experienced and highly entrepreneurial licensing veterans to the company. “With these three additions to the team we have massively increased our experience and professionalism,” Bass said. “We know our client’s programs will benefit from Tina-Louise, Valerie and Helen’s invaluable knowledge and licensing expertise.”




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