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Who’s News: The Point.1888 Reveals New Marketing Moves

Licensing Agency Caps Year of Growth With New Hires, Promotions

The Point.1888 says it has doubled the head count of its crucial marketing division to meet the demands of the agency’s growing client base and help the business reach its ambitious goals for 2021. The news comes just months after the agency announced the creation of a Director of Marketing role at The Point.1888, held by Sarah Crimes.

New hires joining The Point.1888 include:

  • Chris Brinkworth as Marketing Manager. Already well versed in the licensing industry, Chris previously worked at the Global Licensing Group where he was responsible for implementing year-round marketing campaigns for Global Licensing products as well as product development and media partnerships. In his new role at The Point.1888, he will be reporting to Sarah Crimes, developing the business goals and providing client support.
  • Andrea Inglis, The Point.1888’s new Account Manager, has worked with a wealth of big brands including Hilton Hotels, Ford and the Wildlife Trust. Skilled in delivering fully integrated marketing campaigns and social strategy, she will be putting that experience to use in her new role.
  • Sophie Loader, as Junior Marketing Executive, will be supporting the team in all aspects of marketing, ensuring the development of the agency’s current clients as well as The Point.1888’s own channels.

They will join Crimes, Head of Partnerships Martin McLaughlin, and Marketing Executive Ellen Fazakerley.

Who’s News: The Point.1888 Continues to Expand

The Point.1888’s marketing division was formed in Spring 2019, quickly establishing itself as vital for many of The Point.1888’s clients. Shortly afterwards, Crimes and McLaughlin spearheaded the creation of the agency’s second business, an in-house creative agency called Story.1888, designed to provide retail-led, consumer-inspired branding, creative and marketing support from a wide team of experts. It is now thriving thanks to the team’s hard work, the company says.

Since then, “despite the pandemic’s best efforts,” The Point.1888 says it has welcomed 11 new clients. This growth in the agency and its client book was the driving force behind the marketing team’s expansion.

“Over the last few years, we’ve shown the industry that we’re an agency to watch thanks to our attitude and retail-led approach,” said Managing Director Will Stewart. “Our growth has been phenomenal but we recognize that to continue on that trajectory, meet our targets and give our clients the best possible support, Sarah and Martin need the support of a team of talented individuals and with Chris, Andrea, Ellen and Sophie, they’ve got just that.

“This is such an exciting time for the marketing division and for our company as a whole and we’re ready to get people talking once again.”

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