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Wildbrain CPLG Expands Into Asia Pacific

Brand licensing agency WildBrain CPLG is expanding across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region with the launch of new dedicated offices in Singapore, Taipei and Seoul.

Additionally, the licensing team who are part of WildBrain’s existing Shanghai operations will be expanded and renamed WildBrain CPLG China. The new and existing operations will service the entire APAC region across approximately a dozen countries.

While offering existing licensors access to new markets, WildBrain’s expansion into APAC will also build the agency’s portfolio with new representation for local brands and licensors.

Maarten Weck, EVP and Managing Director of WildBrain CPLG, will lead the expansion. Weck will be responsible for the management and growth of WildBrain CPLG’s team and business throughout the region. WildBrain’s current licensing team in Shanghai, managed by Jianbo Wei, will be integrated into WildBrain CPLG and expanded. Wei will also continue to oversee WildBrain’s content business in China.

“With the expansion of our business across the greater APAC region, we’ll offer both existing and potential new partners a truly global licensing solution, not only through a broadened footprint in the territory, but also through access to our wider network of global offices and integrated way of working,” said Maarten Weck.

“We’re looking to rapidly grow our team in APAC, with support in London, and we look forward to receiving interest from talented professionals who want to join our world-leading team at this exciting time.”

The agency is looking to build its leadership, management and wider marketing and licensing teams to drive the expansion. New positions at the company are open in APAC and London.

WildBrain CPLG is a global entertainment, sport and brand licensing agency. With 50 years of experience in the industry, WildBrain CPLG provides its clients with licensing and marketing professionals as well as fully-integrated product development and legal and accounting services.

The company is part of WildBrain Ltd., a global leader in kids’ and family entertainment with 360-degree IP-management capabilities across content production, distribution and consumer products licensing.









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