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Wildbrain Stacks Up New Partners for Tetris

There aren’t a lot of games so popular that they have their own global day of celebration, but Tetris is one such property.

And now, ahead of World Tetris Day on June 6, WildBrain CPLG has announced it has secured a wide array of new European licensing deals for apparel, back-to-school accessories, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and homeware categories.

“We continue to see significant licensing opportunities for gaming properties particularly with brands, such as Tetris, that bring a strong sense of nostalgia and resonate favourably with consumers,” said Pau Pascual, VP Southern Europe & MD Iberia and MENA at WildBrain CPLG. “As we accelerate the Tetris brand’s consumer products footprint in key markets, it’s fantastic to welcome these new partners who have successfully utilised the brand’s iconic gameplay and imagery to develop fun, unique and creative product ranges.”

Fashion retailer Zara has introduced a collection of men’s t-shirts featuring vibrant designs inspired by the Tetris brand, now available worldwide across its stores and online. For Greece, Diakakis Imports SA is on board for a back-to-school range launching this Autumn/Winter 2021, spanning bags, pencil cases and stationery. Across Central and Eastern Europe, leading Polish distributor of textile products, Carbotex, has been signed for a Tetris-themed home textiles collection, which will see bedding, towels and pillows launch from this October, followed by an apparel range in 2022; and Displate will launch a unique range of hand-crafted metal posters featuring iconic Tetris gameplay images later this year.

As well, WildBrain’s Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GAS) team has inked deals with Natür Food Ventures GmbH that will see a range of Tetris-themed fruit gummies product launch under Natür Food’s Powerbeärs brand this month; and with Spreadshirt for an upcoming print-on-demand t-shirt range. Additionally, Tendam is on board for a line of t-shirts and pyjamas, which will be available in multiple territories across Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East starting in July.

“Never before has the Tetris brand offered such an amazing range of fun, modern lifestyle products for consumers across Europe and the Middle East,” said Maya Rogers, President and CEO of Tetris. “We are continuously impressed with WildBrain CPLG’s ongoing effort to grow the brand’s presence in these markets with unique merchandise collaborations that truly speak to the varied interests of fans. We look forward to seeing fan reaction as each product line hits stores.”

WildBrain CPLG represents the Tetris brand across Benelux; the Nordics; Central and Eastern Europe; Iberia; Turkey; Middle East and North Africa; Russia; and Germany, Austria and Switzerland.



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