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‘You’re A Mean One, 2020’, Says the Grinch, in Merch Kickoff for Grinchmas

2020 has definitely been the year that stink, stank, stunk, and has left many would-be holiday revelers in a Grinch-y mood, so it’s the ideal year to have a Grinch-themed Christmas.

That’s the thinking behind a major launch by Dr. Seuss Enterprises, which is kicking off a wide slate of activities and products as part of its Grinchmas 2020 campaign.

This month on the Dr. Seuss Facebook page fans will find activities like a tutorial on how to create your very own Grinch-themed ugly sweater with Coco.Crochet.lee and tips for creating Grinch-y, but tasty treats with  BrookiesCookiesco.

A virtual reading of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! with celebrity Danica McKellar is also now available on Barnes & Nobles’ social channels.

Once fans have their sweaters and cookies ready, they could enjoy their favorite green grouch in “Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Musical” starring Matthew Morrison (NBC, Dec. 9), as well as a library of other animated specials and movies about The Grinch available across various networks and streaming platforms. Prior to the musical’s airing, viewers could join star Matthew Morrison and Director Julia Knowles for a Facebook Live event, where they’ll take viewers behind the curtain and answer questions about the iconic production.

Fans will also be able to deck the halls this year Grinch-style with ornaments from Hallmark and Jim Shore Grinch figurines, and glam up for those zoom holiday sessions with fun fashion like the Grinch Union suits and Grinch-style sneakers from Skechers. Then enhance your resting Grinch face look with Kylie Jenner’s new Kylie x The Grinch Collection makeup line.

With mall Santas scarce this year, Dr. Seuss Enterprises and Kilburn Entertainment will be bringing The Grinch’s Grotto to cities across the country. The Grinch’s Grotto is an imaginative take on holiday photo shoots that will give fans the ability to show off a bit of their grumpiness during what is still the most wonderful time of the year. Social distancing will be widely adhered to—but who’s in the mood to cuddle with the Grinch anyway?

“2020 has definitely been a mean one and the holidays will be much different this year, but we thought there was still a bit of fun to be had,” said Susan Brandt, President of Dr. Seuss Enterprises. “What better way to celebrate the season than with an iconic character like the Grinch that fans appreciate for both his sarcastic wit as well as his big heart. We’re hoping to bring a bit of levity to fans this season with some of the activations and product lines that we are rolling out as part of Grinchmas 2020.”

Some of the exciting new product lines rolling out this year include:

* Brand Collaborations with a Bit of Snark and Spark: including Kylie x The Grinch Collection makeup line, Dr. Seuss The Grinch Skechers sneakers, Billabong x Dr. Seuss: The Grinch collection, and more.
* Delightfully Grinch Décor: including Hallmark ornaments and Jim Shore Grinch figurines.
* Make a Grinch-y Fashion Statement: make a splash at your holiday Zoom celebration with a Grinch Union Suit, your choice of Grinch Ugly sweaters, or a variety of Grinch-y pajamas.
* A Wide Range of Whimsical Grinch Products: including a Grinch and Max Cosplay Wallet and Lightshow Projection Tabletop Shadow Lights Grinch (Color Changing)

Grinch-themed activities taking place on the Dr. Seuss Facebook page this month will include:

* Facebook Live today, December 9th with Matthew Morrison and Julia Knowles for “Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Musical”
* Facebook Live event with Coco.Crochet.lee<> who will show fans how to create the perfect Grinch-themed Ugly Christmas sweater during a Facebook Live event
* BrookiesCookiesco<> will be sharing tips and tricks from her kitchen to inspire you to make the grinch-y treats around

About Dr. Seuss Enterprises

Dr. Seuss Enterprises is a leading children’s entertainment company focused on protecting Theodor Seuss Geisel’s (Dr. Seuss) legacy and thereby ensuring that each generation can experience the genius of Dr. Seuss. The company was established in 1993 and is based in San Diego, CA. Dr. Seuss Enterprises’ global endeavors complement Dr. Seuss’s iconic books and include films, TV shows, stage productions, exhibitions, digital media, licensed merchandise, and other strategic partnerships. For more information about Dr. Seuss and his works, visit


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