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Toy Industry Not Doing Enough For Sustainability

A whitepaper published by sustainability consultant Sonia Sanchez says most toy companies are doing little or nothing to prevent ecological harm from the products they produce.Despite a massive upswell in consumer awareness of the need for sustainable products, the report Changing the World Toy by Toy says 81 per cent of producers are doing little or nothing to improve product sustainability. The whitepaper found that while 93 per cent of toy companies interviewed recognise that managing their impact was ‘very important’ or ‘vital’ for their success, only 13 per cent displayed a “comprehensive sustainability strategy.” A good example of the latter would be companies like Mattel, Hasbro and Spin Master, all of which have launched comprehensive sustainability programs. Mattel, for example, launched the Play Back program, which allows customers to return… . . . read more

The Top 50 NFL Player Sales List

It should come as no surprise that, after leading Tampa Bay to a Super Bowl title, quarterback Tom Brady is again leading in NFL player retail sales heading into the new season. The NFLPA Top 50 Player Sales List is the only verified list of retail sales by player, and this month’s quarterly sales rankings features a mix of new and familiar faces, including perennial best-selling players, rising new veterans, and exciting rookies making their debut heading into the 2021-22 season. Main Takeaways: 10 new players appear in the quarterly sales rankings; Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes continue to dominate, placing 1 & 2; Retail sales based on player licensing continues its momentum, following a record sales year in 2020. The NFL Players Association says its first list for 2021 is based… . . . read more

Ninja Life Hacks Partners On Crafts With Fashion Angels

The fast-growing publishing phenomenon Ninja Life Hacks has partnered with Fashion Angels for stationery, crafts, accessories and classroom decor products based on the leading book series. The deal allows Fashion Angels to design products featuring over 60 Ninja Life Hacks characters, including Confident Ninja, Focus Ninja, Positive Ninja and more. After thousands of requests from parents, teachers and educators for Ninja Life Hacks products, the company says the collection will launch on in spring 2022, ahead of National Mental Health Month in May. The collection is designed to cultivate a growth mindset, develop confidence and grit, and improve children’s social emotional intelligence. In addition to the initial e-commerce launch, the targeted distribution for the Ninja Life Hacks line includes both traditional retailers and teacher-favorite outlets like Lakeshore, Really Good… . . . read more

New Hires For Jazwares Costume Play Division

Jazwares, a global leader in toys and licensing, today announced the formation of the Costume Play division, a new department that will focus on the development of licensed costumes for consumers of all ages. Led by costume industry veteran Stephen Stanley, the division will bring stylized features and innovative fun to costumes that will allow consumers to transform into their favorite characters every day of the year, from birthday celebrations to comic conventions to Halloween. Jazwares’ newest division will produce costumes for all ages including dress-up trunks with outfits, masks and role play accessories for kids’ everyday costume play; high-end cosplay outfits, masks and accessories suitable for comic conventions; as well as pet costumes, seasonal Halloween decorations and treat carriers. Jazwares’ first lineup of dress-up trunks and everyday costume play… . . . read more

Crown Royal Lights Up Deal For Grilling Products

Crown Royal, the world’s best-selling Canadian whisky brand, is partnering with premium-grade wood product maker Walters Falls Wood Products Inc. to launch a premium whisky barrel wood-smoking product line. The licensing agreement was brokered by global brand extension licensing agency, Beanstalk. The new line of premium barbecue smoking products will include chips, chunks, pellets and grilling planks made from genuine retired Crown Royal whisky barrels. The distinctive flavor profile of Crown Royal whisky—oak, vanilla, spice and brown sugar – comes through in the wood and char to bring unique flavor to smoked meats, vegetables, and other foods. Notably, the smoking planks are staves cut in half that are hand-picked for size and quality. These planks offer consumers who use cedar planks to smoke fish and meat on gas or charcoal… . . . read more

Legal Action Threatened Over Pic of Naked Man Chasing Pig

A German actor whose photograph of a naked man pursuing a wild boar went viral has said she might take legal action against a company that duplicated the scene for model railway enthusiasts. While hilarious, the incident raises questions about when and how companies can use images without copyright permission or a licensing agreement. Adele Landauer, an actor and charisma coach, told German reporters she’s upset that that others are making money from her snapshot, which went viral last August. The action took place at a lake in the city of Berlin when a well-known wild boar, nicknamed Elsa by local bathers, stole a man’s laptop in a bag that she likely believed contained food. The fully naked man ran full bore, so to speak, after the larcenous pig, startling a… . . . read more

Brizo Releases Frank Lloyd Wright Collection

The Frank Lloyd Wright Bath Collection by Brizo pays tribute to Wright’s enduring influence The luxury bath and kitchen fittings company Brizo has developed a stunning new collection based on the architectural artistry of Frank Lloyd Wright. The company says it developed the line in partnership with the Frank Lloyd Wright foundation, in order to pay homage to the brilliant design work of the revolutionary American architect and designer. The full bath suite is designed to reflect Lloyd Wright’s ground-breaking American style of architecture, beginning with the careful selection of materials down to the meticulous construction of every fine detail. “We have been honored to work with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation as we developed and designed this collection,” said Judd Lord, Senior Director of Industrial Design. “Their dedication to create and… . . . read more

Uno Gets Artsy With Shepard Fairey

UNO Collaborates with Contemporary Artist Shepard Fairey to Create Playable Art, Featuring One-of-A-Kind Designs on Every Card Mattel just dropped the latest installment of the UNO Artiste Series in collaboration with artist Shepard Fairey through its direct-to-consumer platform, Mattel Creations. The collectible card deck features unique designs by the acclaimed contemporary artist, activist and illustrator and can be purchased through “We are excited to partner with the renowned artist Shepard Fairey,” said Richard Dickson, President and Chief Operating Officer, Mattel. “Through curated partnerships, Mattel Creations offers toys as art and art inspired by toys, and the UNO Artiste Series: Shepard Fairey collaboration is the embodiment of that philosophy.” Mattel Creations is a segment of the the company that features limited-edition, specialty items that both celebrate and expand Mattel’s intellectual… . . . read more

Famed NYC Diner Signs Licensing Deal With White Coffee

Junior’s Restaurant, the restaurant that started the bottomless cup of coffee trend, has signed its first-ever licensing deal. Junior’s Restaurant says it has inked a multi-year agreement with White Coffee Corp. to produce a line of coffee products  in a deal brokered by Surge Brands. Under the agreement, White Coffee Corporation will produce and market Junior’s Brooklyn Blend, a 100% freshly roasted Arabica coffee in bags and single-serve K-Cups. White Coffee will also introduce Junior’s flavored coffees in French Vanilla, Hazelnut Torte, Salted Caramel and Pumpkin Pie, and not to be outdone, a dreamy Juniors Hot Chocolate K-Cup will also complete this new hot beverage line-up. The product line will be ready for launch this Fall. “We are thrilled to have brokered the Junior’s coffee license with White Coffee Corp., bringing… . . . read more

Universal Music Signs Licensing Deal with TikTok Rival Lomotif

Social media networks featuring short-form video continue to drive music licensing deals, with Universal Music Group announcing this week a  licensing deal with Singapore-based TikTok rival Lomotif. Lomotif is a social networking platform with the mission of democratizing video creation. The company was co-founded by video enthusiast Paul Yang in 2014, and has been granted three technology patents uniquely focused on empowering creators to share and watch short videos with ease through remix and collaboration. The Lomotif app is available in the Apple and Google stores, and Lomotif is one of five partners selected by Snapchat for a bi-directional integration for posting stories between the two platforms. While not as large as TikTok, Lomotif has been downloaded more than 225 million times, and has 31 million monthly active users, watching an average of… . . . read more