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    Whether you’re involved in licensing infant products or electronics, headwear or fragrances, the 2018 Royalty Trends Report will help you position yourself to negotiate the best possible deal in today’s licensing market. . . .

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    Comprehensive analysis of $19.4 billion worldwide sports and collegiate licensing business. . .

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    New Compensation Survey Report Puts at Your Fingertips the Latest Salary, Bonus, and Demographical Data for the Licensing Industry, including Salaries for Licensors, Licensees, Agents, and Consultants

  • International Licensing: A Status Report
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    Here's the Up-to-Date Data You Need on the $167.5 Billion Global Market for Licensed Products and Services, including…

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    The Global Market For Preschool Licensed Properties details retail sales, licensing activity, media exposure, promotional activities, and more for 130 preschool properties doing business globally or in local markets around the world....

  • Tween Sensibility, Spending And Influence


    Tween Sensibilty, Spending And Influence immerses you in the tween lifestyle with the latest data and analysis curated from 52 top-flight sources. Included in this comprehensive report are five essays supported by data and examples demonstrating how marketers reach tweens. . . .

  • Retail Pricing of Licensed Vs. Non-licensed Merchandise


    This report gives manufacturers of licensed products and owners of intellectual property proof of how valuable licensing is. And it demonstrates for retailers how licensed goods give them the added margins they so desperately need in this recession economy. . . .

  • The Market For Apps & E-properties


    The Market For Apps & E-properties demonstrates how, why, and when to add apps, social media, virtual worlds, mobile content, and other digital properties to your marketing and licensing mix. . . .

  • Licensing Metrics Report


    Quick: Can you justify your licensing program's success in 5 PowerPoint slides or less? Your answer needs to be "Yes." . . .

  • All About Women Consumers


    This comprehensive annual almanac gives you a subject-by-subject overview of women's attitudes, behavior and consumer preferences. . . .

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    There's $8 billion on the food/beverage licensing table -- use this new Licensing Letter report to create a new licensed food or beverage line or expand an existing program. . . .