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The Latest Deals, Developments and Dancing From Licensing Expo

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief And we’re back. Licensing Expo returned in style on May 24, with thousands of licensing professionals flooding the show floor at the Mandalay Bay Convention Centre. Attendees were… . . . read more


ZAG to Unveil the New Animated Musical ‘Melody’ at Licensing Expo 2022

By Allison Watkinson TLL Reporter Independent animation studio ZAG has partnered with Cross Creek Pictures to produce the animated musical Melody. Melody will be created and directed by Jeremy Zag. ZAG will debut the film… . . . read more

Universal Music Centralizes Rosters for Bravado and Epic Rights

Bravado, Universal Music Group has announced the centralization of both Bravado and Epic Rights licensing rosters. Bravado acquired Epic Rights in 2019 and the new structure includes the expanded purview of Epic Rights’ SVP Global… . . . read more

Licensing Law Shocker: Hawley Targets Disney With Bill To Limit Copyright Protection

If Passed, Law Would Impact All Licensors, Limiting Copyrights to 56 Years By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief Senator Josh Hawley is introducing legislation targeting Disney that would have a devastating impact on the… . . . read more

Legends Launches Licensing Program For Hip Hop 50th Anniversary

Legends Recording is launching a licensing program to mark the 50th anniversary of hip hop music. Hip hop was born in August of 1973, so the official anniversary of the music genre will come in… . . . read more

Wurlitzer and LMCA To Make Beautiful Music Together

Wurlitzer Partners with LMCA to Extend the Brand into New Categories The venerable music-making brand Wurlitzer has appointed global brand extension licensing agency LMCA to extend its brand into new categories in audio, music, and… . . . read more

Levantine x IMPEL Partnership Brings Arabic Music to the West

Levantine Music has joined the licensing agency IMPEL to help bring Middle Eastern and North African music to Western ears. Levantine is an independent publisher based in Los Angeles, focused on all types of Arabic… . . . read more

Music Licensing: Epic Rights to Rep Aerosmith’s Brand

By Allison Watkinson TLL Reporter The bestselling hard-rock band Aerosmith has signed with Epic Rights as its brand licensing management agency. A subsidiary of Universal Music Group, Epic Rights is a branding, merchandising, and artist’s services… . . . read more

Music Licensing: MDR Keeping Amy Winehouse Legacy Alive

British audio brand Roberts is collaborating with the Amy Winehouse Foundation to celebrate the late star’s legacy. MDR Brand Management is teaming up with the British audio brand Roberts to celebrate the musical legacy of… . . . read more

Universal Acquires Sting’s Music Catalog For Reported $300 Million

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief The red-hot market for music catalogs is continuing in 2022 as Universal Music Group acquired the works of Police frontman Sting for a reported $300 million. Sting was… . . . read more