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Fortnite Players Get Comfy With Branded Gaming Chair from Secretlab

By Allison Watkinson TLL Reporter Award-winning gaming chair specialist Secretlab has announced its latest partnership with Fortnite to launch the Secretlab Fortnite Collection. Known for its technological innovations and ergonomics, Secretlab has partnered with Fortnite… . . . read more

Glass Animals Team Up With Xbox for Pac-Man World Re-PAC Program

It’s been quite a year for the breakout band Glass Animals, who have topped the billboard charts, headlined the Glastonbury festival, and now are partnered with Xbox on the latest Pac-Man game release. Glass Animals… . . . read more

Transformers Take To the Seas With World of Warships

Players of the battle sim World of Warships will get reinforcements this month, as characters from the Transformers franchise join the fray. World of Warships is an advanced battle simulation game that lets players take… . . . read more

MGM Releases App for Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader

MGM and its licensing partner THQ Nordiq have announced a new video game based on the show Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? The game is designed for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One,… . . . read more

EA SPORTS Completes Post-FIFA Strategy With Wave of Licensed Deals

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief Electronic Arts Inc. says it has signed a series of new multi-year partnerships for EA SPORTS FIFA 23, and including the new EA SPORTS FC brand. The new deals include 30… . . . read more

Metaverse Licensing: iHeartMedia Hosting Concerts in Fortnite

iHeartMedia took its first steps in to the metaverse by launching its first virtual world on Fortnite,called iHeartLand. The launch is just the first step in iHeartMedia’s ambitious plans for the metaverse, as the company undertakes a… . . . read more

Video Games: Fall Guys Blunder Into Licensing Bonanza

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief The charmingly clumsy beans from the hit video game Fall Guys has now entered the licensing world with a bang … or maybe a thud. Devolver Digital says… . . . read more

Film Licensing: MGM Turns Legally Blonde Into Mobile Game

Fancy yourself as a crack legal mind, ready to match wits in the courtroom? If so, it’s time to download Legally Blonde: The Game. MGM has partnered with Playside Studios to bring an innovative new… . . . read more

Ancient City of Dunhuang Depicted in Clash of Kings

The Chinese video game Clash of Kings has reached a “landmark licensing agreement” with Dunhuang Inspiration; part of the Dunhuang Culture & Tourism Group.  The two-year deal, brokered by art and cultural IP specialist ARTiSTORY,… . . . read more

Video Game Licensing: Fortnite Gets Powered Up With Dragon Ball Collaboration

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief The hit game Fortnite will get a little Super Kamehameha action this month, as characters from Tohei Animations’ Dragon Ball franchise join the action. The anime studio has… . . . read more